Hobo Bay

We left the three glaciers (Cascade, Barry & Coxe) and headed through the Harriman Fjord enroute to Hobo bay to look at the old Goldmine. The following pictures are from the ship at anchor in Hobo Bay and from the hike up to the abandoned Goldmine the following morning.

Looking back out of Hobo Bay from the back porch, there was a beautiful rainbow in the setting sun.

Rainbow over Hobo Bay

The last rays of the sun peaking up over the snowy hillsides.

Hobo Bay

The last moments of the setting sun over Hobo Bay, glowing and looking almost like Northern lights.

Sun Setting over Hobo Bay

There were Lion's Mane Jellyfish, Cyanea capillata, floating in the calm bay waters. This one came up close enough to the surface to get a nice shot of it with a flash.  Don't they look like a scrambled egg?

Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Many of the Lion's Mane Jellyfish had small schools of fish living in the protection of their tentacles. I have heard that they are either small jacks or perhaps small salmon that use the tentacles for protection from predators.

Lion's mane jellyfish with attendant fish

This is the view of the far side of the island, still showing evidence of a small shack on the shorline.


There was not much left of the small mining settlement, other than bits of iron furniture such as old bed frames, sinks and a refrigerator.

Deserted mining camp

The remnants of a sifter that would help sort out the gold.

Ore Sifter

This was supposed to have been where the rocks from the mine (further up the trail) were crushed.

Rock Crusher

The abandoned mine shaft looking very dark and impenetrable.

Mine shaft

Some pretty white flowers that were found growing in the water along the path.


A Jeffrey's Shooting Star, Dodecatheon jeffreyi, blooming in the bog.

Jeffrey's Shooting Star

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