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Norikatsu Akizawa

 Assistant Professor

Address and contact information
 5-1-5, Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-8564
 E-mail:akizawa (at) aori.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Academic and Professional Experience
    Jan. 2018 - Today            Assistant Professor   
                                                Department of Ocean Floor Geoscience, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (AORI), The University of Tokyo
    Apr. 2016 - Dec. 2017     Specific Researcher
                                               Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University (Kogiso Lab.)
    Apr. 2014 - Mar. 2016      Post-doc researcher
                                               School of Natural System, College and Engineering, Kanazawa University (Arai Lab.)
    Oct. 2012 - Mar. 2015      Scientific collaboration with Prof. B. Ildefonce (Université Montpellier, France) supported by
                                               strategic young researcher overseas visits program (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
    Apr. 2011 - Mar. 2014      Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Research fellow (DC1)

    Apr. 2011 - Mar. 2014    Ph.D. Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Kanazawa University
    Apr. 2009 - Mar. 2011    M.S. Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Kanazawa University
    Apr. 2005 - Mar. 2009    B.S. Department of Earth Sciences, Kanazawa University

Research grant and project

   2017 - 2020 "Investigation into heterogeneity of PGE abundance in the continental lithospheric mantle: an approach from tiny sufide minerals" (JSPS KAKENHI Grant No. JP17K14416)


IODP project
 Jan. 2016 - Feb. 2016    IODP Expedition 357. Atlantis Massif Serpentinization & Life expedition
 Dec. 2012 - Feb. 2013    IODP Expedition 345. Hess Deep plutonic crust