Validated Rollout Strategy

A validated transformational rollout strategy does not have to be a document. It can simply be the collected and shared experience of the Rollout Team throughout the agile transformation. The important thing is that it must be evaluated in terms of actionable metrics at least once every Transformation Heartbeat, and that it informs the revision of the Transformation Backlog. The validation or revision of the transformational strategy provides closure to each and every cycle of the validated learning loop.


Transformation Strategy, Transformation Approach

When a Transformation Backlog is first created, none of the change items will yet have been applied. The Transformation Rollout Team may not yet have had the opportunity to coach any good practices at all within the organization. No hard and direct experience of doing so may exist. This means that a transformation strategy may have to be initially formulated on the basis of:

  • experiences gained elsewhere

  • the Transformation Rollout Team's understanding of the organization's present state

  • the vision for change that the transformation sponsors have articulated

The team should expect and plan to have valuable feedback no later than the completion of the first Transformation Heartbeat. Actionable Metrics should have been elicited at that point, and the content of the Transformation Backlog may be revised on the strength of the lessons learned. This means that new changes can be added and their Acceptance Criteria can be shaped by recent experience, and different patterns may be exploited in different ways. Any entries that are no longer appropriate can be challenged and potentially removed. Other parts of the enterprise can perhaps be engaged in the change process, and the priorities given to each item in the Transformation Backlog can be reconsidered.