Change Actioning

Note: The Agile Buddy Guide is available to help team members on their agile journey (DOCX format). Transformation Teams may configure it to suit the organization's context and to evidence sponsorship of an agile vision.


Team coaching

It is not necessary to explain (nor even to mention) the patterns themselves when assisting these parties through the process of change. In fact, “agile patterns” do not even need to form part of their vocabulary. Rather, they must be coached and mentored in the application of appropriate practices that allow each pattern to be realized and its Acceptance Criteria achieved.

The Transformation Rollout Team actions change from the Transformation Backlog according to each item’s order of priority and the Action Plan for implementing that change. A plan will typically involve the coaching and mentoring of teams, and the leveraging of appropriate patterns, so that the Acceptance Criteria of the change can be met.

Agile change is encouraged and coached to the organization by the Transformation Rollout Team. It is their responsibility to ensure that each change is managed and measured, and realizes the benefits of appropriate agile patterns and practices. This is done by helping the target beneficiaries to understand the desired change in their behaviors and practices, the strength of executive sponsorship for change, and the expected outcomes that specific changes will bring. Coaching and mentoring are the watchwords here.