New working paper (06.02.2022)! Sharing with Minimal Regulation? Evidence from Neighborhood Book Exchange, 2022, with Anouk Schippers.

30.11.2021 Online lecture Randomization in Field Experiments at Beijing Jiaotong Technical University [slides] [references] [code]

New publication (18.11.2021): Short Run Reference Points and Long Run Objectives. (No) Evidence from Running Data accepted for publication in the Journal of Economic Psychology.

PhD defense Gert-Jan Romensen (19.10.20): Monday 19th October, my PhD student Gert-Jan Romensen has defended his thesis Feedback Design and Preference Elicitation: Field Experiments in Digital Economics. He has been awarded a cum laude for his excellent work!

Grant for Seamless Mobility (29.09.2020): SNN and the province Fryslân have awarded funding to the project Seamless Mobility directed by TanQyou Nederland B.V. From FEB, researchers Gert-Jan Romensen, Adriaan Soetevent and Tammo Bijmolt are part of the project team. Seamless Mobility aims to increase the efficiency and environmental friendliness of travel by establishing a platform that allows users to easily switch between transport modes. The researchers from FEB will examine which role information, financial and non-financial motives play in (changing) people’s mobility choices.

Inaugural symposium Markets & Sustainability (24/25.01.2020): The M&S signature area organized an interdisciplinary symposium on Behavioral Economics and Environmental Decision Making

New version available (23.01.2020): Improving Worker Productivity Through Tailored Performance Feedback: Field Experimental Evidence from Bus Drivers, 2020, with Gert-Jan Romensen.

New version available (19.12.2018): (Non-)Insurance Markets, Loss Size Manipulation and Competition: Experimental Evidence, 2018, with Jeroen Hinloopen. [Experiment Instructions][Plots decisions at subject level]

New publication: The Impact of Process Innovation on Prices: Evidence from Automated Fuel Retailing in The Netherlands, 2018, European Economic Review, 110, 181-196 with Tadas Bruzikas

New publication: Price competition on graphs, 2018, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 161-179, with Pim Heijnen

New working paper: Promises undone: How committed pledges impact donations to charity, 2018, Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper no. 2018-044/VII, with Toke R. Fosgaard. RCT ID: AEARCTR-0001759

New working paper: The Impact of Short-Term Goals on Long-Term Objectives: Evidence from Running data, 2018, SOM Research Reports, no. 002, with Sargis Adikyan.