New version (17.04.2023): I’d Like toMove It! The Effect of Consumption Rivalry on Demand Estimation: Evidence from the EV Public ChargingMarket. Unofficial soundtrack: John Hiatt with the Jerry Douglas Band

New publication with Toke R. Fosgaard (06.09.2022) : I will donate later! A field experiment on cell phone donations to charity has been published in  Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, [RCT ID: AEARCTR-0001759], [Replication package], as part of the special issue The Economics of Charitable Giving, edited by John List, Mark O. Wilhelm, Luigi Butera and Christopher M. Clapp.

New working paper (06.02.2022)! Sharing with Minimal Regulation? Evidence from Neighborhood Book Exchange, 2022, with Anouk Schippers.

30.11.2021 Online lecture  Randomization in Field Experiments at Beijing Jiaotong Technical University [slides] [references] [code]

New publication (18.11.2021): Short Run Reference Points and Long Run Objectives. (No) Evidence from Running Data accepted for publication in the  Journal of Economic Psychology

PhD defense Gert-Jan Romensen (19.10.20): Monday 19th October, my PhD student Gert-Jan Romensen has defended his thesis Feedback Design and Preference Elicitation: Field Experiments in Digital Economics. He has been awarded a cum laude for his excellent work!

Grant for Seamless Mobility (29.09.2020):  SNN and the province Fryslân have awarded funding to the project Seamless Mobility directed by TanQyou Nederland B.V.  From FEB, researchers Gert-Jan Romensen, Adriaan Soetevent and Tammo Bijmolt are part of the project team. Seamless Mobility aims to increase the efficiency and environmental friendliness of travel by establishing a platform that allows users to easily switch between transport modes. The researchers from FEB will examine which role information,  financial and non-financial  motives play in (changing) people’s mobility choices.

Inaugural symposium Markets & Sustainability (24/25.01.2020): The M&S signature area organized an interdisciplinary symposium on Behavioral Economics and Environmental Decision Making

New version available (23.01.2020): Improving Worker Productivity Through Tailored Performance Feedback: Field Experimental Evidence from Bus Drivers, 2020, with Gert-Jan Romensen.

New version available (19.12.2018): (Non-)Insurance Markets, Loss Size Manipulation and Competition: Experimental Evidence, 2018, with Jeroen Hinloopen. [Experiment Instructions][Plots decisions at subject level]

New publication: The Impact of Process Innovation on Prices: Evidence from Automated Fuel Retailing in The Netherlands, 2018, European Economic Review, 110, 181-196 with Tadas Bruzikas

New publication: Price competition on graphs, 2018, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 161-179, with Pim Heijnen

New working paper: Promises undone: How committed pledges impact donations to charity, 2018, Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper no. 2018-044/VII, with Toke R. Fosgaard. RCT ID: AEARCTR-0001759

New working paper: The Impact of Short-Term Goals on Long-Term Objectives: Evidence from Running data, 2018, SOM Research Reports, no. 002, with Sargis Adikyan.