Photo: Giulio Zanella

Professor of Microeconomics

Research Interests: Industrial organization, behaviorial economics, field experiments, social interactions

Contact details

University of GroningenFaculty of Economics & BusinessP. O. Box 8009700 AV GroningenThe Netherlands
E: a.r.soetevent-AT-rug-DOT-nlT: + 31 (0)50 363 7663 (direct)T: + 31 (0)50 363 7018 (secretary)

Selected Publications

(Non-)Insurance Markets, Loss Size Manipulation and Competition: Experimental Evidence, 2020, The Journal of Industrial Economics, 68(4), 819-856, with Jeroen Hinloopen.

The Impact of Process Innovation on Prices: Evidence from Automated Fuel Retailing in The Netherlands, 2018, European Economic Review, 110, 181-196, with Tadas Bruzikas