Supervision for Counsellors

Cheryl Scammells is the lead supervisor at Accord, with 30 years’ experience of providing supervision to other practitioners.
We at Accord are able to work with Health and Social Care professionals as well as counsellors and therapists to support them in their work with their service users.

The cost is £50 per hour for qualified practitioners, or £70 for 1.5 hours. The rate for groups is dependent on size. Please contact Cheryl for further details.

We are also committed to supporting and encouraging potential new members of the counselling profession. We will therefore aim to provide supervision to student counsellors on lower incomes at a reduced rate where we have availability.


"It is a time set aside for me to explore my thoughts and feelings and to discuss issues and see a way through and a way forward. It helps me to offload and allows my mind to have clarity again so that I can re-focus on my clients in a better way." Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA)

'It enables me to put things in perspective. I can decide options and prioritise relevant actions. It allows me to voice concerns, difficulties and blockages and acts as a release of tensions. It helps me to be more resilient." IDVA

"My supervisor understands my role and its frustrations and challenges. We have developed a good professional relationship which allows for openness and honesty. I feel able to discuss any personal issues which relate to, or impact on, my clients." Independent Sexual Violence Advisor

"Supervision is an opportunity for me to reflect on my work and be accountable for the approaches and interventions I use with my clients. I appreciate working with a very experienced practitioner - I really respect her 'practice wisdom', her encouragement of my own development and her unfailing empathy and compassion for others." Alcohol and Drug Counsellor