Accord Counselling Cardiff

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Coming for Counselling

When you contact us you will have the chance to discuss your needs and wishes with one of our counsellors. We will try to match you with the counsellor best placed to work with you. This may be to do with their availability or their particular expertise. You may have already made your choice by looking at our website and you can then simply contact your identified counsellor directly. 

Your counsellor will contact you to make a convenient appointment. For face-to-face counselling the appointment will take place at our premises in Cowbridge Road East, Canton. The rooms here are comfortable, accessible and discreet. We are also able to provide online counselling for individuals. 

After each session, which lasts up to an hour (or up to 90 minutes for couple counselling), you and your counsellor can discuss whether you want to make a further appointment and at what frequency. You may want to come for one or two sessions or several more. You may want to come once a week, once a fortnight or even once a month. The service will be tailored to your needs and what feels right for you and the issues you are experiencing. 

Our commitment to you:  

As counsellors working with Accord Counselling Cardiff we adhere to the Ethical Framework and Professional Conduct Procedures of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).  As our client we are committed to your well-being and to providing an opportunity for you to explore what concerns you and help you identify a way forward. We will work within professional boundaries of time, place and confidentiality and will seek at all times to communicate these boundaries clearly to you.

Duration and frequency of sessions:

At each session we will check out with you whether you wish to make another appointment and will make every effort to arrange this at a convenient time and at an appropriate frequency for you. Most people choose to attend on a fortnightly basis, but weekly or monthly appointments may also be available. You will not be required to attend a minimum number of sessions. We will at all times seek to provide you with the appropriate number of sessions relevant to your circumstances and the issues you bring. Sessions will last up to one hour for individuals and up to 90 minutes for couples.


Payment will be agreed prior to embarking on counselling. Our standard fee is £55 per session for individuals and £90 per session for couples, with some reduced cost places available for those unwaged or low-waged. We encourage you to make payment by bank transfer but can accept cash or cheques. If you have to cancel/reschedule an appointment we will need at least 24 hours notice so that we can offer that place to someone else. Less than 24 hours notice would unfortunately require payment in full.


Your attendance and anything you share in counselling will remain confidential to Accord at all times. We will not share any information relating to you with a third party without your permission and in most circumstances this would only occur at your direct request. Your counsellor will need to take cases to supervision from time-to-time to ensure effective and ethical practice, but any discussion of cases will remain governed by the same tight boundaries of confidentiality at all times. 

The only limits to confidentiality will be in situations where someone may be at risk of harm. In such rare cases we would always seek to inform you of our concerns and work with you to ensure that those at risk are protected.


We welcome feedback about the service you are receiving and would encourage you to let us know if you are unhappy with any aspect of the counselling. As there are a few counsellors working with Accord you can request to see a different person if you feel this would be helpful for you. Your counsellor will be happy to discuss this with you and make the necessary arrangements where possible. If you are unsure about anything or have any questions please ask.