Alcohol and Drug Counselling

Between us we have decades of specialist experience working with people affected by alcohol and drug use, having previously worked for the Cardiff Alcohol and Drug Team (CADT). A highly regarded and ground-breaking service, CADT provided substance misuse counselling within the City and County of Cardiff for almost thirty years.

If you are concerned about your drinking and/or drug use, or that of a loved one, counselling with Accord can provide an opportunity for you to explore your situation and help you to find a way forward.

We offer an evidenced-based, skilful approach that enables you to reflect on what is happening and why, identify your strengths and build on your motivation for achieving positive changes in your life.

If you feel ready to take action or simply want to talk about your concerns please get in touch. 


"I was in a mess when I first went to counselling with Cheryl at Accord Counselling in Cardiff. My life was out of control. I felt stuck in a cycle of shame and guilt which was fuelling my depression and anxiety, which was fuelling my alcohol and drug use, which was fuelling my guilt and shame..... I'd lost touch with who I was and wondered how talking to someone would help me, but I didn't have any better ideas about how to dig myself out of the pit so I gave it a go. I'm so glad I did! 

Right from the start I felt a great sense of relief in pouring out the chaos and confusion I was feeling to someone who didn't know me and was objective and accepting. Gradually I began to feel more optimistic about my ability to take control and make some choices and decisions. I found Cheryl to be skilful, professional and knowledgeable. She asked me some very thought-provoking (and sometimes very demanding) questions and offered many insightful observations. She was also funny sometimes and laughter wasn't something I'd expected. I moved from desperation to cautious optimism about myself and my situation. 

Things have changed in many ways I couldn't have imagined. Although I am still a 'work in progress' I now have a much clearer understanding of who I am and what I want and what helps to keep the 'bad stuff' at bay. I now know how talking to the right person can definitely help and I can't recommend it to others highly enough! It can be a lifesaving experience and I will forever be grateful that I took that chance. Thank you."