Rhys John

I am a person-centred counsellor with experience in a number of different agency settings. In my practice I try to build a good therapeutic relationship with my clients and provide a warm environment where you feel safe to explore the issues that are causing you problems. Counselling can help you make changes by becoming more self aware through talking to a skilled listener. This enables us to learn more about ourselves and with that greater self awareness become more resourceful and empowered. I believe you are your own best expert and through exploring the issues enable you to make informed decisions and take the right actions for you.

I have had experience working with Cardiff Alcohol and Drug Team, Cardiff MIND and Cancer Aid Merthyr working with cancer sufferers and their families. This breadth of experience has aided my development in becoming an effective counsellor. I can work with a number of issues including substance misuse, depression and anxiety, diagnosis of serious illness, relationship problems and problems arising from self esteem and self image. This is by no means an exhaustive list and I am happy to discuss whatever it is that is causing you difficulties.

Contact Rhys at rhys@accord-counselling.co.uk or 077899 08194