Minuteman Bikeway

The Minuteman Bikeway
America's Revolutionary Rail-Trail

Bedford • Lexington • Arlington • Cambridge
Massachusetts • USA

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Bikeway Map and Brochure

The Lexington DPW plans to completely close the Bikeway in Lexington between Bedford Street and the Bedford town line on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 6 and 7, to do the final paving of those stretches.   This means that no traffic can go through, even during the off-work hours.

Several detour routes between Bedford Street and Hartwell Ave and further west are recommended; complete details, a map, and detour routes are provided at

Please use caution on the detour routes.   And help out the contractors, the town engineers, and the good reputation of the bicycle community by respecting the closure!!

Bikeway Snow Plowing:
For the first 15 years of its existence, the Minuteman Bikeway was not plowed (except near Alewife). Plowing of the section of the path west of Thorndike field started in 2007 after a group of citizens pushed for it. Given that the path goes through some environmentally sensitive areas, no salting is done. Only the area from Thorndike Field to the Rt 2 Bridge receives any additional treatment after plowing, due to wetland and other property concerns.