Aarti Singh
                Phd 2008 Washington University in St. Louis
                Senior Lecturer, 2012-
                School of Economics, Merewether Building H04, University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia
                Email: aarti.singh@sydney.edu.au

                 Research interests:  macroeconomics, monetary economics, and applied time series econometrics.  

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             Sydney macro reading group

CV (pdf)


  • Understanding Wage Inequality in Australia (with Arpita Chatterjee and Tahlee Stone) Economic Record, vol. 92, 348-360, 2016  Full text
  • Inventory Shocks and the Great Moderation (with James Morley)  Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, vol. 48, 699-728, 2016 Full text
  • Monetary Policy and the Financial Sector (with Sophie Stone and Jacek Suda) Economics Letters, vol. 132, pp. 82-86, 2015 Full text
  • Learning and the Great Moderation (with James Bullard) International Economic Reviewvol 53, pp. 375–397, 2012  Full text   
  • Worldwide Macroeconomic Stability and Monetary Policy Rules (with James Bullard), Journal of Monetary Economics, vol.55: supplement 1, pp. S34-S47, 2008   Working paper version
  • Jobless Recoveries and the Wait-and See Hypothesis (with Stacey Schreft and Ashley Hodgson), Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Economic  Review, Fourth Quarter 2005, pp.81-99  Full text
  • A Closer Look at Jobless Recoveries (with Stacey Schreft), Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Economic Review, Second Quarter 2003, pp.45-73 Full text

Current working papers and work-in-progress        

  • Transmission of Monetary Policy Shocks: Do Input-output Interactions Matter? (with Stefano Tornielli Di Crestvolant) Full text
  • Nominal GDP Targeting with Heterogeneous Labor Supply (with James Bullard)
  • Debt and Productivity Growth (with James Bullard and Jacek Suda)
  • A Bayesian Approach to Estimating Household Consumption Insurance using a Panel Unobserved Components Model (with Arpita Chatterjee and James Morley)
  • Post-war U.S. Monetary-Fiscal Policy: How Optimal is the Mix? (with Yunjong Eo and Denny Lie)