Anastasia (Natassa) Zervou

Welcome to my webpage. I teach Macroeconomics and Time Series Econometrics for the Masters of Arts (MA) program of the Economics Department of the University of Texas at Austin. I am also the Academic Placement Director for the same program (please find information about my work under that capacity on my Mentoring site here). My research focuses on monetary policy, its interaction with financial markets, and on heterogeneous effects of monetary policy across households and firms.

I am from Corfu, Greece, and currently live with my partner, and our two kids, in Austin, TX (or ATX).

Please find here my: CV

Email: azervou[at]utexas.edu and zervoua[at]gmail.com

What's new

April 14, 2022: Last PhD applications mentoring video for the season here with advice for the last-minute application craziness

April 9, 2022: I presented my research agenda at the girlsstart Girls in STEM conference, outreaching so to attract more women in the economics proefession

March 24, 2022: New mentoring video here on how to decide among multiple PhD offers

March 24, 2022: NPR Marketplace comment here on real interest rates, after J. Powell's March 16 speech

January 28, 2022: Attended the CSWEP, CSMGEP & CEE workshop on "helping faculty help students get into PhD programs"

January 14, 2022: The paper "Monetary policy, labour market and sectoral heterogeneity" is forthcoming at the American Economic Association Papers and Prodeedings

January 9, 2022: I presented the paper ''Heterogeneous labour market response to monetary policy: small versus large firms'' during the American Economic Association meetings