I am an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Economic and Social Research, Jinan University.

My main research interests are in macroeconomics with issues in the housing markets. I am also interested in the macroeconomic implications of household heterogeneity and incomplete markets.

Link to my CV in pdf

Email: yunho.cho[at]outlook[dot]com

Papers under revision

Did Marginal Propensities to Consume Change with the Housing Boom and Bust?
(with James Morley and Aarti Singh) - Paper RnR at Journal of Applied Econometrics

Stamping Out Stamp Duty: Housing Mismatch and Welfare (with May Li and Lawrence Uren) - Paper RnR at Quantitative Economics
Media coverage: Pursuit, The Conversation

Investment Housing Tax Concessions and Welfare (with May Li and Lawrence Uren) - Paper RnR at International Economic Review
Media coverage: The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, NEWS.com.au, The Australian, SBS News.


Understanding Housing Affordability in Australia (with May Li and Lawrence Uren)
Australian Economic Review, vol. 54 (3), September 2021

Work in progress (currently presenting)

Taxing Homeowners in China: Who are the Winners and Losers? (with Jinseong Park and Sisi Zhang)

Tax progressivity and Consumption Insurance in Heterogeneous Agent Models (with James Morley and Aarti Singh)