Prof. Stefano Chessa

University of Pisa

Stefano is Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science. His research expertise includes IoT, WSNs, mobile social networks, smart environments, and AAL.

Dr. Kristina Yordanova

University of Rostock

Kristina's research interests are in the fields of activity and intention recognition, human behaviour models, knowledge elicitation, natural language processing, and automatic extraction of behaviour models from textual sources.

Dr. Mauro Dragone

Heriot-Watt University

Mauro is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems. His research expertise includes IoT and Cognitive Robotic Systems for self-adaptive AAL systems.

Dr. Miranda Loh

Institute of Occupational Medicine

Miranda is a Senior Scientist working in the Centre for Human Exposure Science of the Research Division. Her research is to understand how people interact with their environment, and how this affects their exposure to both negative and positive aspects of the environment.

Dr. Mario Parra

University of Strathclyde

Mario is a lecturer in Psychology. Mario's expertise include cognitive and behavioural changes in neurodegenerative diseases, with emphasis on Alzheimer’s Disease and technology-enabled assessment and interventions.

Dr. Jaun Ye

University of St. Andrews

Juan is a senior lecturer in the School of Computer Science. Her research focuses on sensor-based human activity recognition.

Dr. Kasim Terzic

University of St. Andrews

Kasim is a lecturer in Computer Science. His research focuses on understanding visual scenes.

Dr. Alasdair J. G. Gray

Heriot-Watt University

Alasdair is Associate Professor in Computer Science. His research focuses on practical data management and its application in information systems.

Dr. Lei Fang

University of St. Andrews

Lei is a Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science. His research interests include Bayesian inference, activity recognition, state space time series models, anomaly detection, WSNs, sensor data processing, genetic algorithms and machine learning in general.

Joanne Boyle

Digital Health & Care Institute

As Head of Business Engagement for Scotland’s Innovation Centre for Digital Health, I work closely with the Scottish Government, academic, civic and businesses partners to provide innovation support and leadership in digital health and care

Dr. Grant Gibson

University of Stirling

Grant is a Lecturer in Dementia Studies in the Faculty of Social Science. Grant has worked on projects evaluating satisfaction with memory services among people with dementia and their carers, the design and implementation of assistive technology for people with dementia, and provision of health and social care services for people with dementia and their carers in primary care

Colin Foskett

Head of Innovation, Blackwood

Colin has held a number of senior management positions in the commercial and non-profit sectors. He is responsible for developing Blackwood’s award winning social media site bespoken. He has the remit for innovation and is currently working on some exciting new projects combing digital inclusion and technology enabled care.