Golden Number & Proportion

Here's how they approximate the realms of the golden proportion into the tangible world.  Let's start with 2 circles, the vesica pisces... 

With this symbol you can visualize 12 separate ways to achieve a result if you knew just 1 starting point.

The formula goes like this ->

(what you know) / (it's own proportion)    X   the relative proportion of what you are looking for   =   what you are looking for

Let's say you knew the Great Pyramid was 481 feet tall.  You wanted to build a "monument" that resonated with it, in regards to the vesica proportions.  Let's say we wanted to associate the height of GP, symbolically, with the vesica height of √3 {C}.   And the proportion we were searching to resonate with for our "monument" was the overall circle height of 2 {A}.  That's easy ->

(481 feet) / (√3)   X   2   =   A

This would mean that we need to build our "monument" (A) to be 555 feet tall.  

That IS the height of the WASHINGTON MONUMENT, btw.

Golden Triangle & Golden Gnomon  -->

... See the musical intervals encoded within this infinite golden system ...

The Platonic Solids in (I-IV-V) Modal Sequence & The Geometry of F# Major -->

Notice also that the numbers contained in the platonic solids are ACTUAL FREQUENCIES in the 432 Family, and that they are specifically arranged in a (I-IV-V) setting also !

... let this animated IBM video from the 1960's teach you about the BOUNDARY CONTAINMENT VECTOR ...

YouTube Video

The Harmony Of The Platonic Solids  -->

I devised this formula set to show the analogous nature of reciprocal musical intervals & {+/x} and {-/} equations, and targeted it upon the platonic solids, deducing more geomusic contained in every form & determining the symmetry of the octahedron showed an inconsistency revealing itself as a doppleganger for the overall geometry manifest out of the rope trick ...

We can also see the musical nature of the Platonic Solids by focusing on the proportions governing the relationship between the {Number of Edges:Number of Vertices} -->

Dividing 432 & 444 by the golden angle (137.5) yields the constants of Pi & Phi !!!

Notice that also when tuned to the reference frequency of 444, you will hit ->
111, 222, 333, 444, 666, 888 and also 528 will be in this 'family'.

... also notice the symbolism of the equilateral triangle in the family of 111, 222, 333, 444, 666, 888 ...

... and the 528 family number grouping juggled against 444, is a MINOR THIRD (an equilateral triangle) ! 

... the solution to The Delian Problem is triple encoded here !!!

winter 2015/spring 2016  ---> look what i found.  they're all MUSICAL !!!

the red number at the top is the musical proportion that divides the columns, perfect fourths and fifths, 3 being two perfect fifths ADDED together, and 4 being the span of 2 octaves (2+2=4 and 2x2=4)   :)

July 22, 2016 - > so maybe in the last column, the poppyseed/line is ok, but, the "button" could maybe be 1/5 of, and not 1/4 of - > which would give, off of the original yard, for example, 108 barleycorn x 5 {not 4} = 540.  the rest of the numbers that crop up would be, descending, 180, 135, 90, 60, 45, 15, 5 - more circles & clocks. 

 Notice how the musical separation would be a red value of 5 -> considered as FOUR PERFECT FIFTH'S ADDED TOGETHER.


108 X 3.333333333 = 360

see how that one would be a red number of 3.33 {2 octaves + 1 Perfect Fourth}, showing the numbers from the clock, squares, triangles and a descending value set of 120, 90, 60, 40, 30, 9.999999999999999999

well, well. i care tread no further at the moment - off to play !

See what happens when you scale the first 2 pythagorean triangles by a factor in the 432 Family -->

The result contains the proportions of TIME, the CIRCLE, and the EARTH & MOON !

the 16 sutras of vedic math -> learn all 16, and understand the FLOW of numbers and calculation