Biomass Project

This is an archive of a project which is now free standing of Fownhope  CRAG. Originally the group teamed up with Energy4All to commission a study which looked into the feasibility of setting up a community owned company to utilise wood which would otherwise remain unused, from woodlands in this area.

We already knew from a recent joint study by the Forestry Commission and Natural England that woodlands in the Woolhope Dome would be capable of substantial yields of timber for fuel on a sustainable basis. In part this could be derived from woods which at present are unmanaged.

Our study looked in detail at the viability of establishing an Energy Supply Company, responsible for the complete supply chain from woodland to customer using wood chip as the fuel for biomass boilers installed by the company in larger establishments and businesses in this area. 

The study was completed, and you can download a summary of it here. It gave grounds for believing that a successful business could be set up, drawing on wood reserves additional to those which are currently utilised. With this in mind Ben Dodd was appointed as the project's Development Manager.

CRAG played an active role in devloping this project because it will contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions in the County. There will be additional benefits in terms of employment and improved woodland habitats. Though this page provides further information on the project it's worth noting that it now has its own web site, and it would be well worth visiting that too.

Information Sheets

1. For landowners supplying wood to the project
2. For landowners who may host the wood chip operation
3. For organisations wishing to install wood chip boilers
4. For prospective members of the Co-operative

See below for further information as it becomes available.

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Glyn Edwards with a wood fuel boiler

AUGUST 2012 LATEST NEWS - You can download the Woolhope Dome Community Woodfuel Co-operative Share Offer document here