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Ladder Rankings (March, 2017)
Player  W-L-D  Points
 Brian  5-0-0  1,656
 Chuck L  3-0-0  1,594
Barry  3-0-0  1,574

2017 Squad Leader Academy Tournament
  • Round One is underway with sixteen players.
  • Find more information here.

 Most Played by Series  
 The Guards Counterattack  34
 The Capture of Balta  19
 Auld Lang Syne 5
 Take Suribachi 3
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 After Action Reports (AARs)
 The Paw of the Tiger   Hubes Pocket (New)
 Niscemi-Biscari Highway  Take Suribachi 
 Action at Balberkamp   R223 Night Drop
 The Bowling Alley   Winter War
 The Bitche Salient   Hasty Assault 0 
 Hubes Pocket  The Capture of Balta 
 Scen 2 & 3   The Capture of Balta
 Bottcher's Corner  Tooth and Nail
 The Guards Counterattack  Block Busting in Bokruisk
 Hill 621  Pavlov's House
 The Guards Counterattack  The Tractor Works
 Operation Hubertus  Hasty Assault 3
 The Bitche Salient  Naked Cross Roads
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Squad Leader Series Ladder
The Avalon Hill Game Company's Squad Leader, Cross of Iron, Crescendo of Doom and GI: Anvil of Victory 2012 Tournament is hosted by Squad Leader Academy.  
Click here to read more of Tourney from Bill T, Founder of Squad Leader Academy


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  • SQLA Tournament Conventions Revised The Squad Leader Academy Tournament Conventions were revised for better conformity with Squad Leader and Cross of Iron rules.  A new Errata section corrects typos and omissions in the Rulebooks ...
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