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if you can think of it... somebody has probably already built at least part of it and posted it there.


Free online Digital Signal Processing(DSP) Book

A great resource full of lots of basics

A phenominal list of sweet projects

Where to get a $80 oscilloscope... 2 channels, 1MHz Analog Bandwidth, great for audio and breadboard circuits.

All things Audio calculations

http://www.picaxe.com - those microcontrollers are super-easy to use for a beginner, yet very inexpensive. They have a very beginner-friendly web forum (www.picaxeforum.com).

http://www.robotroom.com - that guy also has two very readable introductory books about robot building, and he also covers a lot of practical electronics along the way.

more hobby circuit projects

Parts and Kits (this website is not sponsored and these links are where I find useful parts...)


Hobbyist source for beginner and advanced components


Hobbyist electronics source


Kits designed for education


Source for affordable electronics


Source for affordable and interesting electronics projects

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Where to find Robot parts