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OVERALL Useful Links

Sensors Page:

2013 FRC Kit of Parts Control System

Getting More Stuff(Parts List):

Programming Student Links (below)

National Instruments Labview Tutorials Page:
Master Documents Folder:

1) Setup the control system word for word with the 2012 FRC getting started guide:

If the instructions are not followed EXACTLY then weird intermittent errors may occur. 

2) work through the 2012 FRC motor control tutorial:

3) Check out the 2012 FRC safety guide:

4) work through the 2012 dashboard control tutorial:

5) FRC Framework Tutorial: Critical for Understanding the required FRC project framework:

For Experienced FRC Programmers:

There is an option to process the Image information on the Robot or process the information on the Laptop. A laptop has much more computing power than the cRIO but the network connection is situation dependent and overall much less reliable and repeatable. If you want to process the images from the camera on the driver station dashboard follow this tutorial:(Otherwise skip to the next one)

Getting started with the vision assistant built into Labview the 2012 Vision Processing Tutorial:

Kinect Tutorial: