They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong.

Our nation's 40th President Ronald Reagan spoke these words over 30 years ago, but they still ring true today for student leaders at Royal High School in Simi Valley, California. Through our partnership with the Ronald Reagan Foundation & Institute (located just four miles from campus), our award-winning Citizen Scholar Institute Diploma Seal Program has become one of Royal's most important educational experiences and honors for students. Through genuine civic engagement, service learning, and social accountability, students are empowered to create unique service projects to improve the lives of others. They are guided through a year-long process to "make our world just a little bit better" through their self-designed initiatives.  A simple way to make a major difference.

Review the general breakdown of our CSI Program and the most important information for participation.

Along with your project, there are are a few other beneficial steps you must do to complete the program.

Complete these forms/documents to propose your project idea and to submit your plan for approval.

Review our school-year long calendar that details the structure you will follow to earn your seal.

Participants are required to enlist the help of a mentor. Learn about the role mentors play in your success.

Upon completion participants will present their work at our annual senior recognition event in June.

For some inspiration take a look at this extensive list of project topics over the past few school years.

Students in our CSI Program are supported by four members of our RHS teaching and administrative staff.

The team at Reagan Education works each year to support and provide valuable experiences to  students.

Royal students have regular access to unique guest speakers throughout the year. Review our roster here.

This 2011 report focused on Civics Education became one of the inspirations for creating our CSI Program.

This video by author and speaker Simon Sinek offers inspiration for your purpose and reasons to serve.