Writing Center Mission Statement

The overall purpose of our SBA writing center is to offer students at all learning levels a safe place for individualized, peer-to-peer writing feedback with the goal of enhancing writing skills in order to create confident writers who can communicate more effectively through the written word.

The Writing Center CAN help you:

  • brainstorm ideas
  • organize and structure an essay
  • develop a thesis statement
  • document sources
  • format an essay
  • revise the introduction, conclusion, and body paragraphs
  • learn to recognize grammatical error patterns
  • fine-tune syntax and diction to address a specific audience
  • gain confidence as a writer

The Writing Center CANNOT:

  • type a paper for you
  • edit your paper without you there
  • guarantee a certain grade on an assignment
  • help without an assignment guide
  • help effectively if you don't show up well before the assignment's deadline

The SBA writing center is available to assist with writing assignments for any class and for college admission requirements. Sometimes, the hardest part of a written assignment is getting started while other times, the conclusion can be the most difficult task. Whatever your writing need at any stage in the writing process, we will do our best to come alongside you in your writing process and offer feedback.