Contact Us

Tel: 0116 233 7744

Fax: 0116 233 7749

Opening Times

We are open from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 18:30 pm. Extended GP, Nurse and Health Care Assistant appointments are available at the Millennium PCN HUBs: these can be only be arranged by our reception staff if we cannot find a suitable appointment with our own clinicians.

Best Times To Call Us

Our lines are normally open from Monday to Friday 8am to 6:30pm

To make efficient use of our staff please try to contact us

during specific times for certain services such as:

  • Booking an Appointment 8am to 10am

  • Prescription Enqueries 11am - 6pm

  • All Blood/Test Result Enqueries 11am - 6pm

  • All General Enquiries 12pm - 6pm

Occasionally, once a month, the practice may be closed in the afternoon for protected learning time (PLT training)

and you will be redirected to other GP medical services.

Some days, we close our doors for a staff meeting between 1.30pm - 2pm. Patients will be notified through our automated telephone answering machine

and/or a sign will be posted on the front door.

When we are closed, you can still get medical assistance from the following:

NHS 111 , Healthcare HUBS , Millennium PCN HUBS

999 - for all medical emergencies

Contact Address:

Briton Street Surgery

5 Briton Street

LE3 0AA, Leicester

Tel: 0116 233 7744

Fax: 0116 233 7749