Education In The Comunity

The best thing for a community is the longevity of life. The only way a community can reach its potential is by coming together, and learning how to help save the community. Spring Grove EMS will be offering multiple opportunities for the Community to come together and learn CPR, First Aid, and AED use as well as other health initiatives.


If a family member or neighbor collapses, will you know what to do? Do you know it can take EMS , Police, and Fire anywhere from 1-10 minutes to arrive at the emergency depending on the location of the emergency within our immediate response area? These minutes are the most crucial minutes for the circulation of blood and oxygen. After about 5-6 minutes without circulation of blood and oxygen, brain death may occur which deeply affects positive outcomes from cardiac arrest. With the right training you can help someone in need and better your community. So come out and join us for our community CPR events! You can find the dates, times, and locations on the Calendar below.