You can connect it with your google classroom and it has instant feedback on questions that students are getting wrong, the actual question, the time spent on the question.

Easing M-STEP Stress

Michigan's NEW Text-Dependent Analysis Essay/M-Step Spring 2018

The time is almost here. The new test item you may have been wondering or worrying about will have students writing up a storm in just a few short weeks. I've attached a short paper in which I've put some ideas I think you'll find interesting related to this type of question. Do you wonder how students in other states have performed on this type of question? I checked the data over the weekend and the results are in the paper. I've also included a few reminders and some other notes and thoughts that should be useful.

Michigan's NEW Text-Dependent Analysis Essay/M-Step Spring 2018

More on the Big Aha with the Text-Dependent Analysis Essays

I think (hope) you are going to love what I have put together for you! With fingers crossed, I'm sharing practical thoughts and ideas for supporting teachers and students with specific actions they can take for performing their best on any text-dependent analysis essay - whether it be for an in-class assignment or for a state test.


Pages 1-5 of today's thoughts will provide you with important background into the concept I'm sharing with you. Pages 6-8 provide examples of working through a prompt, as well as practice for anyone who might like to give it a go. I've included enough exercises that most can get pretty durn good working through an essay prompt with the support in YouTube.