CP1 Alignment of Instructional Materials and Tasks

CP1, CP2, CP3 (an many others): Best Websites for Teaching and Learning for 2017

CP1 Copyright Lessons for Students and Teachers

CP1 What Is The Cognitive Load Theory? A Definition For Teachers

CP1 and CP3 6 Strategies for Taking High-Quality Notes Get your students thinking deeply while they’re taking notes—and show them how to make the most of those notes later.

CP1 6 Domains Of Cognition: The TeachThought Learning Taxonomy

CP1 Alignment of Instructional Materials and Tasks Make Rigorous Content Motivating

CP2 Teacher Knowledge of Content

Modernize Your Instructional Practice in 11 Ways

Rigor Matrix: When planning a task, we can consider both complexity and difficulty. This matrix illustrates how they interact.

CP3 Discipline Specific Teaching Approaches

CP3 and SE2 More Than a Grade: Cultivating Intellectual Play in Students

CP3 Resources for Critical Thinking

CP3 SketchNoting: Cool Doodling

CP3 Discipline Specific teaching approaches 50 Alternatives To Lecturing

CP3 Discipline Specific teaching approaches Revising Student Writing: An Instructional Tool for Self- and Peer Assessment

How to take Cornell notes

Discipline Specific Teaching Approaches 6-12 Literacies

Reading Strategies

CP4 Differentiated Instruction for Students

CP4 21 Downloads for Differentiated Instruction

CP4 Teaching a Class With Big Ability Differences

CP4 Differentiated Instruction for Students 3 Fun Strategies for Note Taking

When It Comes to Universal Design for Learning, Don’t Wait to Be an Expert

CP5 Use of Scaffolds

CP5 How to Scaffold Texts for Struggling Readers in Actively Learn

CP5 On-The-Spot Scaffolding for Students

CP3 and CP5 The Great and Powerful Graphic Organizer

CP5 Scaffolds 4 Questions that Drive Successful Scaffolds

Scaffolding Flow Chart: Provides a visual of how to scaffold students who are struggling using questions, prompts, cues.

Scaffolding Sequence: Defines questions, prompts, and cues which happen before we would reteach a concept when students are struggling.

Gradual Release of Responsibility Model--Other links to great resource in here too!