New This Week


1. A brand-new post and podcast episode, where you'll learn a discussion strategy called Ongoing Conversations. This method, shared with me by high school teacher Jeff Frieden, is incredibly simple, it gets all of your students talking about content, and it will create new connections between students who barely know each other's names. Check it out right here:

Get Students Talking with Ongoing Conversations

2. If you've reached your wits' end when it comes to student motivation, my friend Dave Stuart, Jr., might be able to help. He has studied student motivation for a number of years and has figured out some things that really work; he's even developed these findings into a whole online course that has already helped over 400 teachers. Dave has created a free Student Motivation Checklist that will help you pinpoint areas that might need tweaking in your classroom. Along with the checklist, he's also created a video where he explains each item on the checklist in more detail. When you click the button below, you'll go to a page where you just need to enter your name and email, and the checklist and video will be sent to you. Dave's a sharp guy; this is definitely worth your time.


Grab the Student Motivation Checklist & Video


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