Computer science Education Week

December 4-10, 2023


The CSEdWeek theme this year highlights the impact of computer science, both positive and negative effects on various aspects of our lives. We recognize those whose work has contributed and harnessed the good in computer science while encouraging classroom discussion and debate around the nuances of both intended and unintended impacts

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) is an annual call to action to inspire K-12 students to learn computer science, advocate for equity in computer science education, and celebrate the contributions to the field. 

No matter what subject or grade level you teach, you can participate - no experience necessary! Many activities don’t require computers. Read more below and explore our toolkit to see how you and your students can participate!  

How you can participate 

Highlight inclusivity within computer science, a field that has traditionally excluded many groups of people, specifically females, African Americans, LatinX, English language learners, and people with disabilities. In San Francisco, we are disrupting these inequitable trends and have committed to making CS accessible and engaging to all students, from all backgrounds. We have designed and curated activities that will support all students in learning CS and exploring related careers, particularly for those students who believe CS is not for them.

Use this planning guide to organize your event and share information with your school community!

Computer science (CS) is learning how to use the power of computers to solve problems and express ourselves. It’s the study of computers and algorithmic processes, their principles, their designs, their applications, and their impact on society.

CS teaches problem solving and important skills like communication, collaboration, and design. There are tremendous career opportunities, and CS is relevant to all career pathways. In San Francisco, Vision 2025 specifies computer science as a new core competency that is increasingly important in today’s world where computing is ubiquitous. 

You, too, can teach computer science!