Technology Committee

The purpose of the SCP Technology Committee is to provide assistance to administration, faculty, students and parents in the evaluation, implementation and assessment of technology to further the technology vision of the school.

Technology Committee Members

Technology Committee Members

The Technology Committee

A group of knowledgeable parent volunteers, students, clergymen, faculty and administration charged with providing technical expertise and advice associated with the revision and implementation of the technology plan and serving the needs of the school. Membership is not limited to those with technical expertise or those who use or advanced technology in their careers, as administration and the committee recognize the value that other life and work experience can bring to the group.

Prior to each school year, the committee chair will meet with the Principal and Assistant Principal for Academics to review the prior year’s accomplishments and to set goals for the coming academic year. The chair will relay those goals to the committee and assign tasks to committee members as needed. The committee meets a minimum two times per year to review progress toward the goals and assigned tasks.

The committee will participate in events as requested to let parents and other stakeholders know of the school’s technology initiatives, not only to inform, but to gather input and develop a consensus as to our direction on technology matters.

Technology Committee Responsibilities

  • Make recommendations for the introduction and incorporation of new learning technology and educational methodology
  • Provide areas of expertise for solutions to technology opportunities and challenges
  • Support the implementation of new technology into the SCP ecosystem/architecture
  • Identify maintenance issues within the SCP technology architecture and establish best practices for preventive maintenance activities
  • Assist with the troubleshooting and repair of technology components, when practical
  • Coordinate information gathering from parents, students, faculty and the community through surveys and face-to-face meetings
  • Review evaluations of technology on an ongoing basis in conjunction with administration, and incorporate findings and decisions into the SCP Technology Plan on an at-least annual basis