NACEP Evaluation Resources

This site is designed to help you and your institution conduct an evaluation that provides you with useful knowledge about your program and that aligns with the NACEP Evaluation Guide. You and your colleagues are likely already performing aspects of evaluation within your programs - looking at data, listening to students, gaining staff/faculty perspectives, and making decisions using what you learn. In line with this perspective, the goal of an evaluation is to pose a small set of questions and collect data that guides decisions for improving your program - it does not have to be a comprehensive research study. The evaluation process adds some structure and intentionality to your improvement work to ensure your results create meaningful understanding and are useful to you.

The links below offer resources aligned to an organizational structure you may want to think about when starting an evaluation process. Components from all sections, however are not necessary to begin your evaluation work. You may choose to only use specific resources (like guidelines for collecting data through surveys and focus groups), employ resources from all areas, or select resources from various sections to supplement your current improvement process. Links to resources include abridged documents you can directly download from Google Drive and links to the original documents containing full detail on their source websites.

What do you need to know about NACEP Evaluation Standard 2? This page contains links to the NACEP standards and a high-level of description of evaluation.

What has prior research showed about student outcomes and strong practices in dual/concurrent enrollment? This page contains basics on how to use education research, a summary of research on dual/concurrent enrollment, and studies curated by NACEP.

What, in general, do you want to learn about your program? This page offers insights for determining the areas of your program you want to study.

What question(s) do you want to answer about your program? The page offers guidance on how to develop more specific, answerable questions to frame your evaluation.

What data do you need to collect? How will you collect the data you need? This page provides details about matching data sources to your questions and practical guidance for conducting surveys, focus groups, and using summary course data.

How can you apply your results and use data for regular feedback for improvement? The page offers guidance for designing a process to benchmark progress and make your program stronger over time.

How can you effectively communicate your evaluation results with stakeholders? This page provides practical advice for how to share your results through written reports and data visualization.