Westchester Middle School Music

Welcome to the website for the General and Vocal music programs at Westchester Middle School!

What will students learn in Music Class?

Music at Westchester is shaped by a philosophy of music education which sees every student as being inherently musical. Music education, then, should provide opportunities for students to develop musicianship and lay the foundation for lifelong musical enjoyment. Drawing aesthetic enjoyment from the arts is a universal human experience, and music is unique in its ability to offer an aesthetic experience that also educates subjective feeling. Students who are musically educated should be primed to enjoy music throughout their lives, but will also understand that music’s power as an agent of social change. Therefore, it is my hope that the students’ experience in music classes at WMS will also be an education in democratic citizenship. Just as in a democracy, music students will be curious listeners, active participants, and informed critics. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year together!