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The Choral Program at Traughber JHS is comprised of over 150 of the most dedicated students in the school, expressing their artistry through one of 4 ensembles. Recognized multiple times for excellence in music education, the Traughber JHS Choral Program strives to offer the best choral middle level music education in the country. We are pleased to receive strong support from our parents, administration, and community as we pursue this goal. The department provides many opportunities throughout the year to hear our musicians. Please take a look at our calendar and we hope to see you at some upcoming events.

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Precison: A Way of Life in The Band & Choir Room

pre·ci·sion, noun: the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate

Precision is achieved through daily work, perseverance and GRIT. We are also at a crossroads in education, where people are starting to finally wake up to the fact that perseverance matters more than intelligence when it comes to being successful. Hard work and stick-to-itiveness trumps “talent” and “good genes” every time, and usually gets most of us to where we want to be in our life and in our work. Grit is what we want our children to cultivate during their time in school, not just good test scores.

What is grit?

Grit is the result of struggle, risk-taking, determination, embracing failure, working relentlessly toward a goal, and perseverance to accomplish tough tasks. Make no mistake about it: grit can be learned and cultivated. Developing grit should be one of the core goals of raising and educating our children, and sadly is missing from our test-rich school culture these days.

Failure in a safe environment is how our children learn.

Here are four ways students learn grit through music — perhaps more than any other subject in school:

It takes guts to perform. Once the honeymoon is over with choosing an instrument or singing in choir, students must engage in performing, both alone and in an ensemble. And it takes some guts to “put oneself out there” for all to hear — blemishes and all — even if things aren’t going to go that well. Think of how great you would feel knowing that your child is building confidence for the tough road ahead that we call life.

With the right help from adults, children learn resilience through music study. Playing a musical instrument does not yield a lot of immediate gratification — at first. This is a new concept to our ever-connected young generation, yet it’s more crucial now than ever before that we create a culture in our schools that allows our students to embrace failure and frustration in a safe environment. Parents’ whose first instinct is to protect their child from embarrassment or setback must develop grit of their own and remember the struggles they had that led them to their successes. Teachers must constantly reinforce the concept of resilience and give students the tools to succeed as the result of some sweat equity on their part.

Initiative and perseverance are traits we want all our children to learn. Learning a musical craft helps children learn to take initiative. As long as parents and teachers give ownership of learning to their students, children — over time — will become self-starters. We are all trying to educate future leaders, and taking initiative is one of the primary determinants of leadership.

Once children begin their musical journey, they must stay focused on it. It’s this perseverance that is at the core of cultivating grit. We see it all the time: someone has a setback and overcomes it only to be stronger moving forward — as long as they don’t quit. Beauty takes TIME! Mastery takes EFFORT!

Today’s digital age is eroding grit in all of us. At the end of the day, children still need focused attention for an extended period of time to realize their full potential in any subject in school, and also as human beings. We need to teach our children that working harder and smarter is something they can control — and music consistently gives them rewarding feedback through sound as to how they are doing.

Traughber Choir Supplies

Due - Monday, August 23

1. One, 1 inch, 3-ring binder with clear-view cover.Color does not matter. Please not larger or smaller. Larger does not fit in our storage area, smaller can’t keep all the things we have.

2. Pencil Case with 3-hole opening to go inside binder

3. Pencils – at least 4, sharpened

4. Sheet Protectors (4)

5. 1 highlighter, any color

6. 1 pen, black or blue

ChoirHandbook 2021-22.docx

Concert Recording from Tues, Oct 12