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What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop style computer that runs the Chrome operating system, and a device that most of our students have already used for instructional purposes in the classroom. Chromebooks are highly durable, and easy to manage, and easy to use. Just sign in with the school user account, and it's ready to access all of the resources used for class.

We are deploying Chromebooks by HP and Lenovo, and any future deployment will likely rely on the Lenovo model 100e line type of devices.

How is the content filtered?

All content is filtered through a protection suite called Securly. You can learn more about it here, and you will have access to a parent app where you can track your child's use of the device, what websites they visit, and how they spend their time online.

All content is filtered in compliance with all applicable laws on child online safety, including CIPA - Children’s Internet Protection Act, COPPA - Children’s Online Privacy & Protection Act, and FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

What does it cost?

The district is funding the majority of the program to supply devices to our students, but each student will be assessed a technology fee each year in order to sustain the future of the program. The fee will help with replacement costs, program costs, and other associated costs of providing technology services to our students.

How Do I access Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is the dedicated platform used for instruction at Streetsboro City Schools. Most assignments, classroom communication, schedules, due dates, updates, and resources from the teacher live here. Your student can easily connect with Classroom at through their device.

To receive updates on classwork, assignments that are overdue, etc. contact your child's teacher, and ask them to sign you up for the parent / guardian summaries from Google Classroom. You'll need to supply a working email address to receive the updates.

Where do I get help with Technology?

Please visit our dedicated Get Help page, here.

Who shoulD I contact if I have a concern?

If you have a concern about technology use, or your student using technology, please contact your child's building directly. You can find contact information for our buildings on our main website, along with contact information for principals, guidance and school counselors, etc. You can also find your child's teacher there, here in the staff directory.

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