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What is 1:1?

In the context of education, one-to-one computing (sometimes abbreviated as "1:1") refers to academic institutions, such as schools or colleges, that allow each enrolled student to use an electronic device in order to access the Internet, digital course materials, and digital textbooks.

In this case, Streetsboro City Schools is supplying the devices.

Why 1:1 Now?

Our goal as a district is to become as prepared as possible for any eventualities in the next few months in preparation for whatever the fall may bring. Having access to a device from which to teach, create, and communicate is key, and we're excited to make it happen

Both staff and students will have access to, and be assigned, a device.

What type of device will be deployed?

We will deploy a laptop type device called a Chromebook. It's a laptop style computer that runs the Chrome operating system, and a device that most of our students have already used for instructional purposes in the classroom. 

Chromebooks are highly durable, easy to manage, and easy to use. Just sign in with the school user account, and it's ready to access all of the resources used for class.

We are deploying Chromebooks by HP and Lenovo, and any future deployment will likely rely on the Lenovo model 100e line type of devices.

Can a student bring their own device?

Yes, with some stipulations.

The device must be of laptop or tablet type, as long as it consists of a screen, dedicated keyboard, trackpad, or external pointing device. Any laptop or device that can run either the Chrome OS, or the Chrome browser will work well. Furthermore, it should meet these guidelines:

Other popular browsers may run some, but not all tools used for class. Those include Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, or Edge. We are unable to support user issues outside of the Chrome browser.

Devices that won't meet the criteria are iPads, Android tablets, phone / smartphone, fablets, Kindles, etc.

Who will have access to the devices?

All students K-12 will be assigned a device.

Will the district provide WiFi at home?

At this time, we are unable to provide wifi to the home through hotspots, or other means. There may be plans, options, or programs by a few local providers for reasonable rates.

Furthermore, all of our buildings project wifi signal well into the parking lots, and both students and community members are free to connect using that functionality. There are both secured and open networks available.

Ready to launch?