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2023-24 Family Welcome Letter


Orientation Letter with lots of links and important info!!!

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Gifted Family Focus Workshops

Our theme this year will be Executive Functioning Skills, and we have four new sessions planned around this topic. Please let us know when you will be joining us!

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September 25, 2023

January 29, 2024

November 13, 2023

March 18,   2024

Gifted Family Focus Workshops

We love feedback!!! Please take our survey to let us know your thoughts on our sessions and our school year.


2022 October Gifted Family Focus Workshop.pdf

October 10, 2022

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February 13, 2023

2022 December Gifted Family Focus Workshop.pdf

December 13, 2022

2023 April Gifted Family Focus Workshop (1).pdf

April 10, 2023

Summer Testing Appointments

Call the RCAAS Office at 419-984-1349 to schedule a summer testing appointment today!

If your child has been tested in a previous district, we may be able to use those scores to qualify for enrollment. Otherwise, we have some dates in June to offer gifted assessments.

Aimed at teaching to the whole child, the RCAAS is the perfect place for students to explore, grow, and pursue excellence in Arts and Academics!

What is the RCAAS?

RCAAS uses innovative instruction, individual talent development model, as well as an arts integration curriculum to meet the needs of each student!  This 3rd through 6th grade program is a full-day integrated service for students gifted and emerging in academics and/or the arts.  We have been educating gifted learners in Sandusky since 2013. We will move our 2020-2021 programs to the former Adams Building. This historic building lies in the heart of downtown Sandusky, full of rich arts and culture.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of RCAAS is to provide a world class education for students gifted or at promise in the Specific Academic Areas and/or the Visual and Performing Arts and Creative Thinking Ability. 

The DORN Fellowship Series 

The DORN Fellowship Series was created in an effort to connect college faculty with gifted students. College professors from different disciplines are selected to design and develop curriculum throughout our K-12 gifted services. The generous donation from the DORN Foundation funds instruction and field trips that foster hands-on learning in a project-based format.

Academically Gifted & Emerging

Superior Cognitive Ability

Specific Academic Area: Math

Specific Academic Area: Reading

Specific Academic Area: Science

Creative Thinking Ability


An Educational Approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.


Technology & Design 

Student Art Gallery

Gifted and Emerging in the Visual & Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts Area: Visual Art

Visual and Performing Arts Area: Music

Visual and Performing Arts Area: Drama

Visual and Performing Arts Area: Dance (once ODE approves a K-8 checklist for identification)

Housed in the heart of downtown Sandusky's Arts and Cultural district, the RCAAS works in collaboration with professionals in both the academic and artistic worlds. Allowing for research, outreach and college & career readiness.

Our location provides our students easy access to - 

Sandusky Public Library

Harlequins Theatre

The Sandusky State Theatre

Carrington's Gallery

The Children's Museum 

Government Offices: Sandusky Municipal Court, City Hall

First Responder Agencies: Sandusky Police Department, Sandusky Fire Department

Maritime Museum

Merry Go Round Museum

Lake Erie Coastline

Volunteer Opportunities: Care and Share, Victory Kitchen