Support for Students

Calming Strategies

Tools that will help you keep your stress level from getting too high. If it gets too high, they'll help you to calm back down.

Mobile Apps

Check out our separate page on mobile apps that will help you to stay calm and stay organized.

Crisis Support

Many of these services are text-based so you can still reach out for help even if you don't want to talk to someone on the phone.

Julie Smith, Psychologist

Julie uses visuals and great analogies to explain mental health topics like anxiety, procrastination, etc. and give helpful tips.


This channel has almost 150 videos that in 3-5 minutes provide helpful advice about topics like anger, friendships, and loneliness.

Change to Chill

A collection of videos, activities, information, posters, etc. all created to help you manage your stress level.

Kati Morton, Therapist 

Kati Morton is a licensed therapist making informative and relatable videos about mental health. She believes that mental health shouldn't have a stigma attached to it!

How to ADHD

The creators of the channel have ADHD, and they describe the channel as their “ADHD toolbox” where they share strategies they’ve learned about having and living with ADHD.

This is Normal

Teens talk about their own mental health challenges — and how they got through them. Because when we share our stories, we can all feel a little less alone.

You Inside Out

A podcast exclusively for teen girls. It covers topics such as social anxiety, undiagnosed mental illness, bullying, and peer pressure.

She Persisted

After receiving treatment for severe depression and anxiety, a teenage girl recounts her journey to offer personal experiences and self-improvement tips.

Wellness Audio

Spotify's official collection of chill music, nature sounds, etc. Podcasts on mental health, yoga, nutrition, etc. So much to explore!