Extension Activities

Social Awareness | Grades K-3

Learning Goal 4: Demonstrates awareness of external supports and when supports are needed.

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Benchmark 1: Identify an adult they can trust.

  • A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue (Buy)

  • A Bug and a Wish (Buy)

  • Bully B.E.A.N.S. (Buy)

  • Come with Me (Buy)

  • Noni Speaks Up (Buy)

  • The Breaking News (Buy)

  • The Bully Blockers Club (Buy)

Take it further — integrate!

  • Define trust as a vocabulary word.

  • Ask students to list qualities of a person they would trust.

Benchmark 2: Explain situations when students may need help.

Take it further — integrate!

  • Create a lesson to teach the difference between big/small problems and have students give example scenarios.

  • Routinely support students in seeking help from others.

  • Model out loud how to ask for help, e.g., “I’m going to ask the principal if she knows who could help us with that. She knows a lot of people in the community. I will find a time she’s not busy to ask.”

Benchmark 3: Understand how and where to get help in an emergency situation.

Take it further — integrate!

Students’ role play simple “what if” situations and discuss how to handle the situations, e.g., “What if you couldn’t find your book bag?”; “What if you saw someone who was hurt in the playground?”