Extension Activities

Self-Management | Grades 4-5

Learning Goal 2: Demonstrates the skills to set, monitor, adapt, achieve, and evaluate goals.

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Benchmark 1: Identify goals across multiple domains (e.g., academic, personal, and social).

Take it further — integrate!

Help students identify individual goals, e.g., academic, athletic, personal, and social and help them organize projects in which they chart progress toward achieving daily and weekly goals. Similar projects can also be developed for small group or classroom goals A classroom goal could be to reduce the time it takes for us to get settled in our desks in the morning.

Benchmark 2: Monitor progress toward goals across multiple domains.

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Take it further — integrate!

Create projects that allow students to work toward a personal and/or classroom goal. Select the goal, break it into steps.

Benchmark 3: Implement steps necessary to achieve their goals.

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Take it further — integrate!

Anytime students are working toward achieving a goal, ask questions to help them identify and work through the steps necessary to achieve their goal. For example, What is your goal in this situation? What are sub- goals you think you could realistically accomplish in the next few weeks? How will you monitor your progress? Who will you ask for help? Who will you go to for moral support? How will you celebrate your achievements?

Benchmark 4: Identify internal and external resources necessary to overcome obstacles in meeting goals.

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Take it further — integrate!

  • In collaboration with students, develop a school and community resource chart with internal and external support systems and resources.

  • As a regular practice, any time students are working on goals, ask them questions that help them think about the resources they can use. Example questions are: What are the challenges you’re facing in achieving your goal? What kinds of resources could you use to help you overcome the obstacle? Think about the resources chart we developed together. What kinds of resources did you find there that might be helpful? What are you going to try today?

Benchmark 5: Demonstrate the ability to actively engage in a feedback loop.

Take it further — integrate!

Build in time for reflection at the end of each day or week when students reflect on their plans or goals and assess whether they are making progress and think about what they may want to do to improve.