Camp Procedures

Motor Vehicles and Parking

Camp Procedures

Each unit will be allowed one vehicle into the campsite on Sunday. Once the unit trailer and gear are dropped off the vehicle must be removed from camp roads to the designated parking areas. Please make sure all vehicles are in a designated parking spot no later than 4:00 PM on Sunday. Driving and parking passes will be provided by the Camp Director on an as needed basis.

Reservation Office

The reservation offices are open from mid-June through mid-August. Office hours are:

Sunday- 10 AM to 12 AM Monday- Friday 9 AM to 12 AM Saturday- 9 AM to 11 AM

To get in touch with us any other time, please refer to the contact information above or call our council administrative offices at (617) 615-0004.

Leaving Camp

Once the adult and youth rosters are turned in, the individuals on those lists are considered to be signed in to camp. Anyone leaving or arriving at camp after that point must sign out/in as appropriate at the reservation office. Scouts may only leave camp with an authorized adult and must be accompanied by their Scoutmaster to the camp's reservation office to sign out. The authorized adult must sign an early release form and provide photo identification, which will be copied and kept on record.

Emergency Procedures

The health and safety of everyone in camp is our primary concern. The best defense against any emergency is preparedness. Being prepared and understanding policies and practices governing the actions of staff and campers are the adult leaders' responsibilities. Each leader must not only know what to do in an emergency, but also what can be done to prevent them. Please become very familiar with the contents of this section. In time of crisis, there is only limited time to react. An emergency drill will be conducted within the first 24 hours of camp.


In any emergency, the following should be kept in mind:

● Notify the nearest staff member immediately

● Do not make any premature decisions, give any instructions or relay information unless instructed by the Camp Director or their designee.

● Leaders/Staff members, above all, should remain calm and collected. Set the proper frame of mind and avoid panic during the emergency.

● A siren emergency may only be initiated and ended by the Camp Director or their designee. Not all emergencies are camp-wide; only the Camp Director can determine the severity of emergencies.

● Unless it is a life-threatening emergency, the Camp Director must be consulted before emergency services can be called.


A camp-wide emergency will be signaled by blasts from the camp siren. Non-camp wide emergencies will be relayed down through the chain of command. Follow all instructions exactly. A full set of written emergency procedures can be distributed upon your arrival at camp.


When an emergency presents itself, the following steps should be followed:

● Take all steps to ensure that no further injury or potential dangerous situations can occur

● Report the emergency to the nearest staff member.

● Give a very clear and calm report: who, what, when, where, how, etc.

The Plan for Sunday

Welcome to the NeXus

Please check back later to see how Sundays are going to look. The Sunday program is currently under constriction.

Planning Your Unit Program

Elements of a good program:

● Patrol Activities: The patrol is the preferred method of Scouting. Camp provides a week-long opportunity to make it come alive.

● Unit Activities: An opportunity to allow your junior leaders to lead and build Troop spirit.

● Camp-wide Activities: A weekly highlight; a time to make new friends and share new experiences.

● Conservation projects: An opportunity to leave your mark. Check in with our Discovery Director.

● Advancement opportunities: Every Scout progressing along the Eagle Trail.

● Free Time: Time to grow, think, and enjoy the programs that interest you most. Some Planning Ideas:

● Determine the activities the Unit would enjoy.

● Determine the need for advancement in the Unit, either rank advancement or merit badges.

● Compare the Unit program ideas with the existing summer camp program.

● Do as much planning as you can before arriving to Camp. Find out what the Scouts are interested in. If the Unit writes down their activities and goals for the week, they are much easier to accomplish.

● Read the Wah-Tut-Ca program page to get an idea of the programs offered this year on the Reservation. Use the menus of suggested activities to plan your week at camp. Camp staff is prepared to serve your Unit.

With your help, we'll do the best we can to make the week a success for your Unit.

Know what you want, communicate your desires to us, and together we'll make it succeed.

Additionally, you should meet with each Scout attending camp to help them plan individual goals to make sure they get the most out of their time at camp.