We are looking forward to a fantastic camping season and we are anxiously awaiting your arrival. Please be sure to periodically check in on this site. This is replacing the leaders and program guide packets that were previously distributed. It is our hopes you will be able to send necessary information to the correct groups of people all while us being able to update it in real time.

There has been a new Annual Health and Medical Record (Medical Form) released this year. Make sure to stay up to date on the proper ways to handle this within your unit.

We will have many new units attending Wah-Tut-Ca this year. This is very exciting for the future of summer camp for The Spirit of Adventure Council. We look forward to greeting and welcoming home each new and returning face this summer.

If you have any questions regarding summer camp, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Zack Shepherd

Camp Director


Contact us

The Northern NeXus of Adventure Leadership Team

Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation

(603) 942-5233*

Spirit of Adventure Council Service Center

(617) 615-0004

*A staff administrator will receive and deliver messages to campers and leaders during camp. The camp business lines will only be answered from June 18th through August 8th during the following hours: Sunday- 10 AM to 12 AM, Monday- Friday 9 AM to 12 AM, and Saturday- 9 AM to 11 AM.

Zack Shepherd, Wah-Tut-Ca Camp Director zshepherd@scoutspirit.org

(978) 967- 6463

Jenny Trickett, NeXus Customer Service Rep.


(617) 615- 0004

Angela Rzeszut, Camp Promotions & Site Reservations


Darrin Johnson, Director or Program Spirit of Adventure


Camp Policies

The Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss anyone from camp for violation of the following camp policies and standards:

Liquid Fuels: Fuel that is in or attached to an appliance may remain in the site.

Bulk fuel containers must be stored in the fuel shed at the Ranger's station. Ask camp administration for assistance. Liquid fuel is approved for use in campsites, but propane is recommended. Only adults can use liquid fuels in camp.

Inspections: Campsites must be in good condition and will be inspected daily for health, safety, and appearance.

Behavior: Everyone in camp is expected to uphold the Scout Oath and Law at all times. Improper language, irresponsibility, dishonesty, or any violation of the Scout Oath and Law will not be tolerated.

Drugs and Alcohol: The possession or use of alcoholic beverages and non-prescribed drugs by any person in camp, including adults, is strictly forbidden and is grounds for instant dismissal. The Scout Executive and proper authorities will be notified immediately.

Smoking: A Scout Camp is hardly the place for any youth to learn to smoke or to further the habit. Unit leaders should not permit any Scout to smoke or use smokeless tobacco. For leaders (18 years old or older) who wish to smoke, a designated smoking area will be available and will be the only place in camp you are allowed to smoke. Please use caution and stay away from the youth while smoking. There is no smoking allowed in any of the buildings at camp or in tents.

Campfires: Fires are allowed only in the fire ring located in every campsite. Fire rings in the campsite should not be altered, moved, or created.

No Flames in Tents: No open fires in tents are allowed under any circumstances. This includes all types of lanterns, candles, lighters and matches.

Vehicles: Because of potential safety hazards, vehicle use during the week at camp will be strictly controlled. The posted speed limit at camp is 5 MPH, but please watch for bicycles and slow down if there is a lot of foot traffic. Please use common sense and drive safely.

All vehicles must be parked in the camp parking lots. Any requests for special vehicles in camp for health or other reasons should be coordinated with the Camp Director. A permit to park in campsite or drive down will be issued on an as needed basis.

We carry no insurance on personal items, including personal vehicles

Trailers: Unit equipment trailers are allowed in campsites. Trailer wheels must be chocked.

Gambling: Gambling is illegal and will not be allowed in camp.

Firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment:

Personal shooting sports equipment, including bows, are not allowed on camp property.

Tree Damage: No trees, dead or alive, are to be cut without specific permission from the Camp Director or Camp Ranger.

Protection of Camp Property: Wah-Tut-Ca is YOUR camp and we ask that you treat the facilities and equipment as if they were your own. Units will be billed for anything that is maliciously damaged, destroyed, or lost.

Chainsaws: Per BSA policy we cannot allow the use of chainsaws without the direct authorization and approval of the camp ranger.

Fireworks: No fireworks of any kind are allowed in camp.

Fighting: Fighting is not allowed in camp and is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Code of Conduct

The law of camp is simple. It is the Scout Oath and Law.


The discipline of a camper is the responsibility of the adult unit leader in charge at summer camp. Under no circumstances shall a camper be deprived of food, isolated, subject to corporal punishment, or be subjected to abusive physical exercise as a means of punishment.

We recommend a three-step process to handle any discipline problems. First, the Scoutmaster should issue a verbal warning. If the problem persists bring it to the attention of the camp director who will issue a second warning. After a third offense the Camp Director will contact the Scout’s parents and will consider sending the Scout home. Please note- we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any forms of harassment, abuse, and bullying.

Our leadership team has many years of experience working with youth in this age group and is more than willing to work with you to keep a rowdy group under control. We’d much rather be proactive and avoid situations where Scouts need to be sent home.


Verbal abuse, discriminatory or derogatory remarks, and off-color conversation shall not be tolerated. Depending on severity could be cause for an immediate dismissal from the property.


The camp programs of the Spirit of Adventure Council promote inclusion and therefore are open to all registered youth regardless of sex, race, creed, color or national origin, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or economic status. Bullying or harassing others will be a cause for an immediate dismissal from the property. This is a zero tolerance policy.

Quiet Hours

A Scout is Courteous. Quiet hours are from 11:00pm – 7:00am. There should be no loud noises or other noisy events to disturb others. Leaders are responsible for their unit’s conduct. If your Unit plays Reveille or Taps, it must be sounded after 7am and before 11pm.

Wild Animals

Our camp is a wilderness area that is the home of many wild animals from chipmunks to black bears. We have not had any campers injured by a wild animal and would like to keep this record. To maintain safety for all, we require all campers and leaders to observe these guidelines:

● All food should be sealed in airtight containers

● No food in tents

Cell Phones

We have no policy that excludes cell phones from being used. We actively promote the use of cell phones. We encourage all adults and youth participants to share the great time they are having while at camp with all their friends and followers on social media. Please make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

We carry no insurance on personal items, including cell phones. Make sure Scouts know to be careful when using their phones in the outdoors.


Health Lodge

A Health Officer is present in Camp at all times and a local doctor is on call for emergencies. All first aid treatment will be given and recorded at the Health Lodge. All injuries and illnesses must be reported to the Health officer on duty.

The Health Officer will dispense medications for Leaders and Scouts. This mandate is in compliance with New Hampshire State health and safety codes. Per New Hampshire state law, the only medications that are allowed to be kept on person are epi pens and inhalers. This means that all medications must be given to the Health officer upon check-in and must be in the original pharmacy containers. This applies to Scouts and adults and to prescription and over the counter medications.

To aid check in at the health lodge, each person with medications should place original pharmacy containers in a sealable plastic bag with name, Unit number, week, and campsite written on the outside of the bag. Instructions for dispensing medication should be clearly indicated on the original pharmacy containers and on the Annual Health and Medical Record, or if more detailed instructions are needed, please provide this on a separate sheet included with the bag of medications.

OTC medications are on hand to deal with aches and pains, stomach ailments, cough and cold, allergies, bug bites and poison ivy, and we frequently have multiple options for each ailment. Leaving OTC medications at home will speed up Sunday check-in.

If an injury or illness requires that someone be sent to the hospital, the Health Officer and Camp Director will determine if they should be sent via car or ambulance. In either case, their medical form and a "hospital packet" must accompany them. The hospital packets are located in the Health Lodge. It includes: a map to the hospital, insurance information, and important phone numbers. This policy applies to all campers, leaders, and staff.

Preparing to Check in at the Health Lodge

Annual Health and Medical Record will be reviewed prior to your Unit arriving in camp. All completed forms should be mailed a minimum of 14 days prior to your Unit’s arrival at camp.

Address the package and send it to:

Att: Health Lodge

Spirit of Adventure Customer Service Center

2 Tower Office Park

Woburn, MA 01801

The medical staff will contact the unit leader if there are any issues with a medical form and you will have the opportunity to correct them prior to arriving at camp. This will streamline the check in process and save your Unit thirty minutes or more on Sunday.

We recommend that you make two copies of each form. Send us one copy of each medical form and retain a second copy for the Unit’s use which you should bring to camp with you. The parents should keep the original. We are required to keep a copy of all medical forms indefinitely as they contain the hold harmless agreement; we are unable to return them at the end of the week.

A completed and signed Annual Health and Medical Record (AMHR) is required for every Scout and adult leader prior to arriving at the NeXus. The form is available in the important paperwork potion of this site. In order to complete the form. each person must:

● Complete parts A, B and C. Part C must be signed by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner.

● Part C requires that you have had a physical within the last twelve months. An AHMR is valid through the end of the 12th month from the date it was administered by your medical provider. For example, a physical administered July 3, 2019, would be valid until July 31, 2020. We will accept a printed out copy of the physical from the physicians office with an electronic signature.

● Parents must have signed Part A: Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization as well as the Medications section of Part B within the last 12 months. A physician does not need to sign the Medications section as it is not required by the State of New Hampshire.

● Even if your Scout is not bringing any medication to camp, the Medications section must be signed in order for the Nurse to give any over-the-counter medication.

● Include a photocopy of both sides of medical insurance card in accordance with Part B

Upon arrival at camp, a medical check will be made. Any Scout without a complete and signed medical form will be unable to take part in any activity at camp until he or she has a completed health form. Forms must be received at the camp's reservation office within 24 hours of the Scout's arrival. Adults (18 years and older) who will be staying in camp overnight or who wish to participate in camp activities must have a completed medical form on file.

It is recommended that you collect an Annual Health and Medical Record form from each person (youth and adult) attending camp at least a month prior to your week at camp to review and correct as needed.

If a person in your unit has a disability please contact the Camp Director. The staff will help in any way possible to make accommodations to ensure all participants have the best possible experience.

Unit LeaderSHip

Unit Leadership

The heart of the summer camp experience lies in the Unit campsite. The activities and learning experiences that happen in the site are as important as what takes place in the rest of camp. In order for the Scouts in your Unit to have a good experience at camp, skilled adult leadership is invaluable. If you're a new leader, we'd be happy to help get you up to speed on running a good program for your Unit - just ask a Commissioner, that's what they're there for. The information below outlines what we expect from adult leaders to make the week run smoothly.

Saturday Check-In

In order to ease the burden and drama of Sunday Check-In Scoutmasters and a few adults are welcome to move into their campsite on Saturday afternoon/ evening to be prepared for the Sunday morning rush of Scouts.

Responsibilities of the Adult Leader

One of the most important roles of the unit leader is to ensure the safety and well-being of the Scouts in his/her unit. This is usually easy if you obey the rules and regulations of the Scouts, BSA and of the Reservation Staff.

Adult Coverage

Each unit must provide at least two adult leaders during their unit's entire stay. For proper supervision, Units will be required to have two adults, 21 years of age or older, for a ratio of 1 adult to 8 youth. In addition, Unit Leaders are directly responsible for the supervision of all members of their unit. PLEASE REMEMBER: with the official addition to female Scouts in Scouts BSA: Any unit with female Scouts attending must also provide a registered female adult leader over the age of 21. Linked male and female units in the same site are considered one unit and therefore will get 2 free adults up to 16 youth as stated above. Male and female units not linked must stay in different campsites and will each get 2 free adults up to 16 youth.

Scouts shall not be permitted to roam camp unsupervised. Units will use the "buddy system" in camp and a check-in/checkout board in their campsite to track the movement of all Scouts. At no time should a Scout travel without a buddy.

If a leader wishes to leave camp, arrangements should be made with the Camp Director for coverage. Under no circumstances may the Unit be left with only one leader, or unattended. If adult leadership changes during the week, please advise the Camp Leadership. Anyone entering or leaving Wah-Tut-Ca during the week must sign in or out at the Camp Service Center.

Leadership Meetings

There will be a Scoutmasters' meeting on Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. At least one adult from each unit is asked to attend. This will be an opportunity to meet key camp personnel face to face. We will go over safety regulations and information for the week. Any immediate concerns can be addressed at this meeting.

There will also be a Senior Patrol Leaders' meeting at 7:30 p.m. At least one youth representative (preferably the SPL) from each unit is asked to attend. This meeting will involve, at a minimum, signing up for shower cleaning duties as well as flag ceremony duties. Other SPL meetings may be held to go over other camp activities and to plan Friday night's campfire.

Two Scoutmaster Roundtables will also be held during the week on Tuesday and Thursday. This time will be used to discuss various things happening around camp and the council.

Youth Protection

All registered leaders attending and any other adults who will be remaining at camp overnight must have a current Youth Protection Training Certificate. Certification is valid for two years. All leaders must show up with a valid and current youth protection certificate. YPT certificates can submitted ahead of time with an adult roster. All adults and youth participants will receive a wristband upon arrival.

Leader Conduct

Unnecessary or inappropriate physical contact with Scouts is prohibited. Two deep leadership is required at all times. Any one-on-one meeting must be held in a public setting.

Camp Visitors

All visitors must check-in and checkout at the Service Center and upon arrival and receive a wristband.

Wristbands are required for visitors even though they are not permitted to participate in any activities.

Parents and friends are welcome to visit camp at any time. However, because most Scouts are at camp for only one week, frequent visits interfere with the Unit program and the activities of each Scout. It is at the Scoutmaster's discretion to encourage or discourage visits by parents, and parents should clear all visits with their unit leader.

Generally, parents will be permitted to sit with their children, provided space is available. If space is limited, a special guest table will be arranged. Day visitor meals cost $9 each; tickets are available at the Trading Post.

The best time for parents to visit is during Wednesday's eat-in-site meal.

Camp Procedures

Motor Vehicles and Parking

Camp Procedures

Each unit will be allowed one vehicle into the campsite on Sunday. Once the unit trailer and gear are dropped off the vehicle must be removed from camp roads to the designated parking areas. Please make sure all vehicles are in a designated parking spot no later than 4:00 PM on Sunday. Driving and parking passes will be provided by the Camp Director on an as needed basis.

Reservation Office

The reservation offices are open from mid-June through mid-August. Office hours are:

Sunday- 10 AM to 12 AM Monday- Friday 9 AM to 12 AM Saturday- 9 AM to 11 AM

To get in touch with us any other time, please refer to the contact information above or call our council administrative offices at (617) 615-0004.

Leaving Camp

Once the adult and youth rosters are turned in, the individuals on those lists are considered to be signed in to camp. Anyone leaving or arriving at camp after that point must sign out/in as appropriate at the reservation office. Scouts may only leave camp with an authorized adult and must be accompanied by their Scoutmaster to the camp's reservation office to sign out. The authorized adult must sign an early release form and provide photo identification, which will be copied and kept on record.

Emergency Procedures

The health and safety of everyone in camp is our primary concern. The best defense against any emergency is preparedness. Being prepared and understanding policies and practices governing the actions of staff and campers are the adult leaders' responsibilities. Each leader must not only know what to do in an emergency, but also what can be done to prevent them. Please become very familiar with the contents of this section. In time of crisis, there is only limited time to react. An emergency drill will be conducted within the first 24 hours of camp.


In any emergency, the following should be kept in mind:

● Notify the nearest staff member immediately

● Do not make any premature decisions, give any instructions or relay information unless instructed by the Camp Director or their designee.

● Leaders/Staff members, above all, should remain calm and collected. Set the proper frame of mind and avoid panic during the emergency.

● A siren emergency may only be initiated and ended by the Camp Director or their designee. Not all emergencies are camp-wide; only the Camp Director can determine the severity of emergencies.

● Unless it is a life-threatening emergency, the Camp Director must be consulted before emergency services can be called.


A camp-wide emergency will be signaled by blasts from the camp siren. Non-camp wide emergencies will be relayed down through the chain of command. Follow all instructions exactly. A full set of written emergency procedures can be distributed upon your arrival at camp.


When an emergency presents itself, the following steps should be followed:

● Take all steps to ensure that no further injury or potential dangerous situations can occur

● Report the emergency to the nearest staff member.

● Give a very clear and calm report: who, what, when, where, how, etc.

The Plan for Sunday

Welcome to the NeXus

Please check back later to see how Sundays are going to look. The Sunday program is currently under constriction.

Planning Your Unit Program

Elements of a good program:

● Patrol Activities: The patrol is the preferred method of Scouting. Camp provides a week-long opportunity to make it come alive.

● Unit Activities: An opportunity to allow your junior leaders to lead and build Troop spirit.

● Camp-wide Activities: A weekly highlight; a time to make new friends and share new experiences.

● Conservation projects: An opportunity to leave your mark. Check in with our Discovery Director.

● Advancement opportunities: Every Scout progressing along the Eagle Trail.

● Free Time: Time to grow, think, and enjoy the programs that interest you most. Some Planning Ideas:

● Determine the activities the Unit would enjoy.

● Determine the need for advancement in the Unit, either rank advancement or merit badges.

● Compare the Unit program ideas with the existing summer camp program.

● Do as much planning as you can before arriving to Camp. Find out what the Scouts are interested in. If the Unit writes down their activities and goals for the week, they are much easier to accomplish.

● Read the Wah-Tut-Ca program page to get an idea of the programs offered this year on the Reservation. Use the menus of suggested activities to plan your week at camp. Camp staff is prepared to serve your Unit.

With your help, we'll do the best we can to make the week a success for your Unit.

Know what you want, communicate your desires to us, and together we'll make it succeed.

Additionally, you should meet with each Scout attending camp to help them plan individual goals to make sure they get the most out of their time at camp.


While advancement is a key part of the Scouting program, it's important to keep a good balance between advancement work and allowing Scouts to have fun. Remember that most Scouts live in a very scheduled school world, sports, and even weekly Scout meetings. Unstructured time at camp, where Scouts get to make decisions and do what they want to do, can be very beneficial to most youth Scouts.

To get the most out of your Units week at camp, take inventory of your Units advancement needs and build the Unit and patrol program around these needs. Advancement will be a natural result of a Scout's participation in that program. Be sure each Scout takes their Scouts, BSA Handbook to Camp. Specific advancement opportunities offered at Wah-Tut-Ca are outlined on the program page.

Advancement Standards

All advancement at the Nexus is accomplished by the same methods that are standard in the BSA.

Advancement is accomplished through four distinct steps:

● Learning - A Scout learns by doing. They learn outdoor skills by hiking and camping. They learns Scout skills in Patrol and Unit sessions. Scouts tend to advance naturally by doing activities with their fellow Scouts

● Testing - A Scout demonstrates their ability to members of the Patrol Leaders

● Reviewing - Three or more members of the Troop Committee conduct the Board of Review. The Board of Review for the ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle will usually occur when a Troop returns home. If there are enough members of the Troop committee in camp, then this step may be accomplished in an outdoor setting.

● Awarding - The Scout is "recognized" in front of their fellow members for their accomplishments. Once the Scoutmaster has received the Advancement Folder from the Program director on Saturday, it may be a good idea to give out, or let everyone know while the parents are there what each Scout has accomplished.

Merit Badge Applications (Blue Cards)

The Spirit of Adventure Council does not require our units to complete and turn in blue cards. All advancement will be tracked on rosters throughout the week and inputted into Scoutbook on Friday. Staff members are not responsible for filling out Blue Cards for Scouts after the summer has concluded.

Merit Badge Counselors

All Merit Badge Counselors at Wah-Tut-Ca are qualified members of the camp staff under the supervision of the Program Directors, and in many cases, under the direct supervision of an area director certified by National Camping School as a specialist in their field. All Merit Badge Counselors are also trained and certified by the Spirit of Adventure Advancement Committee.

Partial Merit Badge Completions

At Wah-Tut-Ca we aim to uphold the highest standards for Merit Badge completion. Per BSA advancement standards, any Merit Badge counselor reserves the right to test a Scout on material worked on with councilors outside to verify that the Scout has completed the requirement in accordance with our standards.

Dates and Deadlines

Traditional Troop Weeks

Week One July 5th to July 11th

Week Two July 12th to July 18th

Week Three July 19th to July 25th

Week Four July 26th to August 1st

Week Five August 2nd to August 8th

Deadlines for Summer Camp

The payment plan for Troop Week is as follows :

- An accurate headcount and $50 non-refundable deposit per Scout, is due May 1st

- Payment is due in full by June 30th . Any Scout whose balance is not paid in full by June 30th will be assessed a $95 late fee.

- Webelos and new Scouts since February 1st are the only exception to this. They can be added to registration at any time with no late fee.

- If a registration is cancelled after June 30th , the entire $475 balance will be non-refundable, with the exception of documented medical emergencies or the death of an immediate family member. Requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Woburn Service Center before August 31st .

Any Scout who has an Adventure Card active through their week of camp 2020 AND purchased before June 30th 2020 will be discounted 20%. This translates to a $95 discount. The Adventure Card costs $30 for in council units. We highly recommend purchasing Cards for your Scouts if you have not already done so.

How to Register

To register your unit for a week at Wah-Tut-Ca, go online to ScoutSpirit.org/Overnight-Camping. If you have questions or need assistance, call our office at 617-615-0004

2020 Wah-Tut-Ca Camp Fees

Scout Week with Troop- $475

Scout Week with Troop with Adventure Card Discount - $380

Specialty weeks - $475

Specialty weeks with Adventure Card Discount - $380

Camp Shanawanda - $525 per week

Camp Shanawanda with the Adventure Card Discount- $420

Adult Fees - $25/day

***First two Leaders Free. Units are allowed 2 free adults for up to 16 youth in camp at no additional charge. Units will be allowed one additional free adult for every multiple of 8 youth. I.E. 17-24 youth, get 3 free adults.


Refunds prior to May 31st – Participants will receive refund of payments made to date less the $50.00 deposit.

Refunds after May 31st– No fees will be refunded. (If a request is made in writing by August 31st and if a physician provides a letter stating that the participant cannot attend for medical reasons, Scouts will receive a full refund less the $50.00 deposit.)

After arrival at Camp:

• If a Scout becomes ill or is injured while attending camp and is sent home by order of the camp medical director, prior to Wednesday, the Scout will be entitled to a 50% refund. Homesickness is not considered a refundable medical reason

• If the Scout is sent home after Wednesday, there will be no refunds.

• Scouts who leave camp for behavior issues or by their own choice or for other reasons will not be granted a refund.

All refunds should be requested in writing through email or mail by the unit’s adult leadership to the Woburn Service Center.

• No refunds can be granted for any reason after August 31. The $50 per Scout deposit is non- refundable after it has been paid.

• No refunds can be issued at the camps and any refund issued will be processed by the Spirit of Adventure Council Administrative offices.

Note: The $50 is based upon the number of Scouts attending in the unit. This deposit may be transferred to a new Scout attending.

Council Camperships

Annually, we have generous organizations and individuals that provide camperships for Scouts to attend summer camp. If a unit has such a need and has exhausted its own efforts to finance an individual Scout, contact the Council Service Center for a campership application. If money for camperships is available, a working arrangement will be developed for individual Scouts. Camperships are usually only for a portion of the total cost. Prior to arrival at Camp, unit’s should see a credit through DoubleKnot on their registration for any camperships that were awarded for Scout’s in the unit. Individuals and Units are responsible to maintain records for the receipt of any camperships for proof during Sunday check-in. Further information on Camperships and application details will come directly from the Spirit of Adventure Council. Camperships are awarded on the 15th of every month.


Q: Where is the camp?

A: Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation is located at 292 Blakes Hill Rd, Northwood, NH 03261

For Scout-mail please include unit and campsite. For staff mail, please include baked goods.

Q: How much do photos cost?

A: Photos are $10 for each one. Please make any special requests regarding photos when checking in with the Camp Director on Sunday. Scoutmasters must collect all orders for photos and pay the camp director in full by lunch on Monday. Photos will be given to the Scoutmasters along with all the advancement paperwork on Saturday morning.

Q: Can Scouts bring a bicycle?


Q: What happens if my Unit is owed money?

A: If your Unit is owed money for any reason please contact the Woburn Service Center. No refunds will be issued at the camp.

Q: When can I arrive at camp?

A: You can arrive at camp any time on Sunday morning. The service center will be open starting at 9:00 a.m.

Q: When should I arrive at camp?

A: We suggest planning to have the unit arrive between 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. to be ready to start the tour at noon. Your day will go a lot smoother if all of your Scouts and leaders are ready to leave the campsite to tour by then.

Q: How many vehicles are allowed in the site?

A: On Sundays, leader vehicles will be allowed into the site, one at a time, to drop off gear. However, once they are unloaded they MUST be parked in one of the camp lots. No vehicles will be allowed to remain in the sites without the camp director's permission.

Q: What time is lights out?

A: 11:00 p.m.

Q: Does everyone need a medical form?

A: They sure do. Everyone who will be in camp for more than 12 hours or staying overnight and plans to participate in any of the camp's activities, such as swimming at our waterfront, must have a valid medical form. The Annual Health and Medical Report can be found on the "important paperwork" page. EVERYONE needs a valid form signed by a doctor even if they are staying for less than 72 hours- this is because the event is longer than 72 hours. It does not matter if someone is staying for less than 72 hours- the form signed by a doctor is required.

Q: Do I have to hand in all of my medications to the nurse?

A: YES! Per New Hampshire State law all medications must be kept locked up at the health lodge with the exception asthma inhalers and EpiPens.

Q: Are visitors welcome?

A: Sure thing. We love showing off camp. Just inform all visitors that they MUST first sign in at the Reservation Office and get a wristband. If they're going to stay for meals, don't forget to purchase additional meal tickets.

Wristbands are to be worn by all scouts, leaders, and visitors.

Q: When is the absolute latest I need to have the Unit out of camp?

A: We know you had a ton of fun and don't want to leave, but we really need you to be out by 11 a.m. on Saturday. If you want to stay multiple weeks with Camp Shanawanda- please let us know and we can get you moved into the campsite.

Q: Are there activities adult leaders can do at camp?

A: Absolutely. As an adult you are more than welcome to participate in the area activities following the same rules as all the campers. If you're feeling handy or crafty, the ranger has a long list of projects that need to be done around camp. We also offer Climb on Safely, Leave No Trace, Safety Afloat, Safe Swim Defense classes, and Introduction to outdoor leader skills (IOLS).

Q: Is there internet access in camp?

A: YES! At Wah-Tut-Ca there will be wireless internet available in Northbrook and the Service Center.

Q: What’s the policy on cell phones?

A: Cell phones are allowed to be used while at Wah-Tut-Ca. Please encourage all Scouts to post about how awesome of a time they are having!

Q: One of my Scouts has dietary issues. What do I do?

A: We see all sorts of dietary restrictions every summer and our kitchen staff is great at making sure everyone is well fed and safe while they are at camp. Please make sure to have the Scout and their families fill out the special dietary needs form prior to arrival at camp. We have people in camp almost every week with the more common dietary restrictions (peanut allergies, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, etc.) and typically have food on hand for these individuals. If you have a less common restriction, please get in touch with us ahead of time to make sure we have food on hand or make arrangements to bring your own food if necessary.

Q: Can I bring my own guns or bows to camp?

A: No. No personal bows or firearms are allowed at Wah-Tut-Ca.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, the Trading Post has a credit card machine, and we are able to accept credit cards for purchases in the trading post or for camp fees, photos, etc.

Q: Who has to wear wristbands?

A: Everyone, except Staff who can be identified by uniform, has to wear a wristband at all times while in camp. Visitors, Leaders, and Scouts will each have different wristbands to distinguish activity level. This is for the safety of everyone so the Camp Administration can verify that everyone in camp is supposed to be there. If you need replacement wristbands at any time during the week, please see someone in the Reservation Office.

Q: Am I allowed to pick up my Scout on Friday?

A: Yes, you are allowed to sign your Scout in and out of camp at any time. However, If it is before Siesta on Friday you will need to fill out an early release form. The Parent or guardian AND the Scoutmaster from the unit needs to be present with the Scout in the reservation office before they will be released from camp. After 2:00 p.m. Friday, Scouts can be picked up at the discretion of their Scoutmaster.

Important Paperwork