MS 324

Patria Mirabal School


Back to School Night - Thursday, September 22nd - Virtual

Meet the teachers, learn about MS 324, ask questions.


We are excited to see you!

School Hours are 8:20-2:40pm.

Arrival: All students will enter using the side cafeteria doors (to the left of the main entrance).

Dismissal: All students will be dismissed using the MS 324 yard door (left side of the building). Parents/Guardians can pick up students outside of the yard gates.

Our Mission

We are a small community school whose mission is to prepare students for college, work and citizenship in the local and global communities.

Our Vision

At MS 324, adolescent learners develop academic discipline by being involved in the process and progress of their own learning as they engage in serious work. Students demonstrate social responsibility through their work in cooperative groups within school and in the community. Learning experiences culminate in individual achievement and personal learning. Student achievement emerges from a belief that our total school population can and must perform at high academic and social levels. Students develop the necessary skills to meet the demands of middle school, the upcoming high school and the essential college curricula.

Contact Us

MS 324 Patria Mirabal School is located at 21 Jumel Place in Manhattan.

Phone: (212) 923-4057