MS 324

Patria Mirabal School


School Hours are 8:10-2:30pm. 

Arrival: All students will enter using the side cafeteria doors (to the left of the main entrance).

Dismissal: All students will be dismissed using the MS 324 yard door (left side of the building). Parents/Guardians can pick up students outside of the yard gates.

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spirit days

Our Mission

Patria Mirabal Middle School provides a sense of culture, trust and community to our students and families, offering an excellent middle school experience. We embrace the unique perspectives and identities of all stakeholders, and include this diversity in curriculum and extracurricular experiences. In our safe and supportive environment, students explore and clarify their own beliefs and values. We encourage students to challenge themselves as they grow in their knowledge and skills. Our curriculum is filled with opportunities that help students learn to speak up for themselves and others, and think deeply and critically about the world around them and their place within that world. When students leave our school, they are ready to meet their continuing education with confidence in themselves as thinkers and people who will impact their communities and the world.

Our Vision

To create a space where students feel valued and inspired to learn, but at

the same time being aware of future possibilities and opportunities in

preparation for the 21st Century.

Critical Thinking Skills

Social and Interpersonal Skills


Empathy and Kindness

Financial Literacy

Technologically Advanced (STEAM)


Our View

At MS 324, our students acquire academic rigor by being part of the development of their learning while working hard on their homework. Students demonstrate their social responsibilities by participating in cooperative groups within the school and also in the outside community. These experiences culminate in the individual achievements and personal fulfillment. Student success stems from our conviction that all of our students can and should achieve maximum performance in academic and social settings. In our school, students acquire the skills necessary to achieve the goals of middle school, high school and college.

Contact Us

MS 324 Patria Mirabal School is located at 21 Jumel Place in Manhattan.

Phone: (212) 923-4057