Student Life

True heroes continue their work - even in a lockdown !

Presenting the work done by our Global Social Leaders that has taken them to the semifinal level of a world wide level competition.

We are proud that we had two teams this year that made it to the semi finals.

Presenting the journey of group 1 ( grade 9 students )

Hello everyone,

I, Adit Waikul, the leader of Photonix, am writing this email on the behalf of the entire team. I want to inform the successful completion and submission of our project. I think that this entire project was a team effort and would not have been possible for an individual to achieve. I would genuinely like to thank the people who have helped us flourish throughout and run the project smoothly.

Firstly Tanya Ma'am, for granting approval for the project and giving us unconditional support throughout the project. Secondly our mentor, Sidharth sir, for giving us practical solutions and a new perspectives for every problem and issue. Also Jay sir for giving us immense support and encouragement. I feel really bad for not being to attend the final online seminar due to the deadlines but I am sure that it would have been amazing. We wish you all the best for all your future endeavors. Also I would like to thank the schools staff, the peons, aunties and the office staff who have helped us organize the school events and ensured smooth flow of information. Please pass on our regards to them.

I also request you all to share the final submission video with all the people you know, so that they can see and understand the wonderful project we have executed. The link is there at the end of the mail.