Academic Achievements

From Struggle to Success with Peer Tutorial Support

Kaiyan Upadhyay's Journey

During the first prelim open house day in November 2022, I had an encounter with Kaiyan and his father, Piyush, which left us both concerned. After reviewing Kaiyan's answer sheets, it became evident that he struggled with conceptual understanding in all subjects.

Further investigation revealed that Kaiyan was seeking additional tuition support from an external teacher. Given that Piyush, Kaiyan's father, was once my student during my days as an engineering student, I felt compelled to intervene and advised him to discontinue the external tuition.

Both Piyush and his wife Mayuri worried that without tuition, Kaiyan would struggle to keep up with the demands of the IGCSE board exams. That's when I proposed a plan: I would enlist the help of my A-level students to provide tutorial support to Kaiyan, helping him strengthen his conceptual understanding. Although initially hesitant, Piyush and Mayuri agreed to give it a try.

With great confidence in my A-level student tutors, I brought together Anshul (Physics), Aahan (Math), Manasvi (Biology), and Prakhyat (Chemistry) – all Grade 11 students who were also preparing for their board exams.

The four A-level students eagerly took on the challenge, and I had faith in their ability to positively impact Kaiyan's understanding, learning, and grades.

Over the course of two months, from December 2022 to January 2023, these four students, along with Kaiyan's dedicated efforts, worked diligently as a team. During periodic check-ins, the student tutors revealed that Kaiyan was indeed a bright student, but his weak conceptual foundation stemmed from a lack of time for self-study and reflection amidst school and external tuition classes. By discontinuing the external tuition and providing tutorial support, Kaiyan gained ample time to engage in self-study and reflection.

Through their collective efforts, they successfully transformed Kaiyan's academic performance.

From 50% in the first prelim, Kaiyan's scores skyrocketed to an impressive 81.5% in the IGCSE board exam.

I fervently hope that more parents and students will consider approaching senior students for tutorial support instead of solely relying on coaching classes and external tuition teachers. The value these young tutors bring extends beyond subject knowledge – their ability to connect with students, inspire them, and provide guidance is truly immeasurable.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Anshul, Aahan, Manasvi, and Prakhyat for not only accepting the challenge but also excelling in their roles as tutors, all while maintaining their own exceptional academic performance.

I commend them for their dedication and commitment to helping Kaiyan without compromising their own grades. It gives me immense pride to announce that all four of them achieved high distinctions in their Grade 11 board exams held in March 2023.

Their remarkable achievements serve as a testament to their exceptional capabilities and selflessness.

Undoubtedly, the future shines brightly ahead.

Dr Hanif U Kanjer

Founder Director

Rustomjee Cambridge International School

Soar like Nelson Mehta!

Nelson Mehta, Rustomjee Cambridge top ranking student at the March 2023 A-Level exam, accepts a full-tuition scholarship at Dartmouth College USA, a prestigious Ivy League institution.

With this decision Nelson will save his parents a whopping Rs 2.5 crores towards tuition fees with the scholarship.

Nelson will enroll into their 5-year undergraduate program in engineering with modified economics.

I studied at Dartmouth College when I exchanged at the Tuck School of Business during my MBA. I am immensely proud that my student, Nelson Mehta, will be the first student from Rustomjee Cambridge to join this prestigious institution. I am confident that his time at Dartmouth will shape him into an accomplished professional.

At Rustomjee Cambridge we take great pride in our students’ achievements, and Nelson’s accomplishments will inspire his juniors and the entire school community.

Over the next few months, Nelson will mentor his juniors in the A Level program at Rustomjee Cambridge. His commitment to helping others highlights his outstanding character and underscores his leadership qualities.

Congratulations parents Neelima Mehta and Sandeep Mehta, you set an example of how a student can soar with supportive parents who have complete faith in the school.

Congratulations Team Rustomjee Cambridge, Tanya Valecha and Nelson, as well as our gratitude to Himanshu Dev for guiding Nelson throughout this journey. Our collective efforts help our students reach their full potential. Let us continue to script more success stories.

I am confident that he will make us proud as he embarks on this exciting chapter of his academic career.

Keep soaring, Nelson.

Dr Hanif U Kanjer

Founder Director

Rustomjee Cambridge

Dahisar, Virar, Thane. 

Be like Darsh.

Our top-ranking student at the March 2023  A-level exam, Darsh Parmar, has received admission offers from 9 prestigious Australian universities with scholarships ranging from 20% to 30%.

Darsh has decided to study computer science at the University of Sydney. 

Darsh sets a shining example for his peers and the entire school community, making us immensely proud of his accomplishments.

Besides his excellent academic record, Darsh has also closely worked with me during the summer holidays in developing a workbook on financial literacy for our Grades 6,7,8.  His efforts to understand the subject, meticulous research, willingness to learn, and dedication has helped us create a valuable learning resource.


Team Rustomjee Cambridge and  Ms. Tanya Valecha ma'am,   Our collective efforts help our students reach their full potential.

I have no doubt that his time at the University of Sydney will be transformative, shaping him into an accomplished professional ready to make valuable contributions to the field of computer science. Once again, congratulations

to Darsh on this momentous decision.

We wish him the very best in his future endeavors, confident that he will make us proud as he embarks on this exciting chapter of his academic career.

Keep shining, Darsh.

Dr. Hanif U Kanjer

Founder Director

Rustomjee Cambridge International School & Jr. College

Mumbai (Dahisar, Virar, Thane)