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Welcome to Scarsdale High School’s STEAM website. Here you will find an overview of the program, a chart to help you navigate the courses based on your areas of interest, and a page about each course, with descriptions of content and a sampling of past projects.

Our three level STEAM program is hands-on and human centered. Students learn through solving real world problems at each level, going from local, more constrained problems in the first level, to problems they identify in the community through interviews and observations in the capstone course, Social Entrepreneurship.

The Courses In Our Program

This chart shows the different pathways students can take through the STEAM classes depending on their area of interest: design and/or engineering.

  • All courses are electives.

  • There are three levels of courses - each containing engineering and design courses.

  • Each level increases in scope and depth of material covered.

  • In order to take a higher level course, you need take at least one lower level course.

    • For example, to take a second level elective you would need to take one first level elective. To take AT Entrepreneurship, you would have to take one first level elective AND one second level elective.

    • Advancement to the next level is not dependent on the engineering or design pathway you take: you can take any second level elective regardless of which first level elective you take-Engineering or Human Centered Design.

  • Advancement to AT Entrepreneurship requires an application, which includes an essay, and potentially an interview.

Click the course titles below for more information about the course and see sample projects!



1st Level Introduction Courses

(2 Days/Week- 1 Semester)

3rd Level Capstone Course

(4 Days/Week- 2 Semesters)