Thanksgiving Week!

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Parents: This week, your children made magical places and this morning they were invited to write or make stories about them. This is a choice, not a requirement.

These are the guidelines they received. You may find all of them, as well as additional support, here.

A message to all K-2 Students:

Dear Writers,

I have an invitation for you! Please use the images you find here to gather inspiration for your own story making, if you’d like.

  1. Make a story that takes place inside one of the magical spaces that you see here. You may use your own or someone else’s. You may also write, draw, build, or tell your story aloud.

  1. Create a character, a problem, and a solution.

  1. Email your story to Angela at by January 1st. You may use a Word or Google Doc, send a photo of a drawing, attach an audio file, or include a video file. It doesn’t matter what form your work takes, as long as everything is attached to your email.

  1. All who participate will be entered to win a gnome home of their own. I will draw ONE winner randomly on January 3rd. The winner will be announced by video, and Dr. Luft will share that video with you.

  1. Your stories will be shared with your teachers and families, but no one else (unless you are asked and give your permission).

I loved working with you all this week,

Angela Stockman