SBCSS eSports League

September Smash tournament new to esports 9/15/ check in begins at 3:45 and play starts a 4.  This is a low stakes friendly tournament for new players.  Join us!

Welcome to the SBCSS eSports Website!

Here you find resources to start your own school/district eSports team and

participate in the SBCSS County-wide Tournament Opportunities.

SB County eSports Meeting of 2021-2022!

List of 21-22 Tournaments for SBCSS

  • Check with your district for district-wide/level tournament ideas.

  • (This is a static image, not hyperlinked. Register you students/school through the Coaches Corner)

  • These tournaments are for students 13 years+,

  • Additional "Under 13" Tournaments may be added as the year progresses, please check back frequently. Districts may hold their own "Under 13" tournaments as well.