Our Story

Why we started a rescue?

Saving Sully Dog Rescue was founded by 5 dog-loving women when they realized that a life without saving dogs is simply not a life they would want for themselves. Each woman had experience volunteering with multiple rescues and aiding in life-saving work. This experience was transformed into belief when they realized that the joy of their first rescues #freedomrides was more powerful than the doubt and fear of the things which came ahead. Thus, they took their vision and reached out to their incredible family, friends, and even strangers who jumped in to help bring Saving Sully to life.

Each founder has unique attributes and experiences they brought to the table which made this vision come to life. Sam, the president, brought her charismatic, people-oriented personality which makes every individual feel valued. Jessie, the vice president, brought her transformational passion which ignited the project. Mariah, the development director, brought her persistence which helped get the ball moving. Amber, the secretary, brought her level-headnesses which focused the project. Katie, the treasurer, brought her willingness to help and bring people onto the project to make sure nothing was forgotten.

When it came to naming the dog rescue, the women aimed for a name that would be strong, meaningful, and catch people’s attention. Each took time to contemplate the reason that rescue was important to them. The message that carried through was every moment you save an at-risk dog its #operationbestdayever it changes you a little. Sam and Jessie both had moments when their life changed forever because of their saving their Sullys. Thus, Saving Sully Dog Rescue was born.

Sully Squared

Sam's Sully

Sam first met Sully when he was brought up to Wisconsin after battling, and defeating, Parvovirus. Sam met strong little Sully, and despite already having three large rescue dogs, fell in love instantly and knew Sully would be very loved in her family for the rest of his days.

"Rescued dogs are not broken. They've simply experienced more life than others. If they were humans, we'd call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write; the ones who were dealt bad hands, but had the courage to survive. "

Jessie's Sully

Jessie first met Sully when he was 3 days old, malnourished, and suffocating from aspirate pneumonia and battling a birth deformity called a cleft palate. His chances of survival were slim to none, however, it was a challenge Jessie wanted to take on. The first few months consisted of tube feedings every 2 hours, hours in the oxygen tank, and prayers. She consulted the Oral Surgeon Team at University of Madison for the best route to get Sully's mouth fixed. They had a great plan and he just needed to grow enough to be a candidate for repair. Finally after many hurdles and sleepless nights it was surgery day! Sully was so brave, healed quickly, and was ready for his next adventure in life. Sully turned three in September 2018 and has helped show Jessie to never give up, even on the dogs that do not look like the stand a chance.