Meet the Board

President Sam

Feb 12th, 2013 I was lucky enough to rescue my “soul dog”. Penny was my first rescue dog and sadly had a horrific past. She was used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. The forgiveness and love she has for humans and other animals leaves me in a constant state of awe. She represents everything that is good in the world. Because dogs just like her are dying in overcrowded shelters across the U.S. we must rescue and be their voice.

My heart has always been full when I am in the company of dogs. When I was young I would bring home every stray animal I could find; dog, cat, pigeon, even once a fawn who’s mother had been hit by a car. I attended Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in Denver, Colorado and graduated with an associates degree in Applied Animal Science. I have been a Certified Veterinary Technician since 2012 and have worked in animal hospitals for over 10 years. I am blessed to have a family that supports my passion for animal rescue. My husband and I have four rescue dogs that we are completely smitten with. The joy I get from matching a rescue dog with his/her perfect family is something I cannot explain. If I can give someone, even just part of the happiness my rescue dogs have brought me, then I have done something with my life. Let us help you find your soul dog today.

VP Jessie

Some people are born to be doctors , some to travel the world; however I can truly say from the bottom of my heart that I was put on this earth to rescue dogs. I am incredibly blessed to have the support of my family and amazing husband Tyler behind me on this incredible journey. Currently I manage a Veterinary clinic in the Fox Cities and have 10 years of Veterinary background. I am profoundly passionate about the physical and emotional well-being of animals and educating owners on their best care. I have volunteered countless hours of my time in multiple rescues, fostered animals and have aided in homing some of the most incredible dogs that would have been euthanized simply due to space.

During my time volunteering and looking for our third dog I met Sam. Sam and I instantly connected, we started a friendship and fast forward .. we are co-founding a rescue. I truly feel the Lord places people on your path for a purpose and I’m so thankful mine is filled with paw prints and friends as passionate as I am about saving dogs. Please allow us to help find your “ Sully” - we can’t wait to show you the love a rescue dog can bring.

Development Director Mariah

As a Pre-Veterinary major I have had a deep love and appreciation for animals since a young age. As I was lucky enough to grow up in the midst of the rescue world, this love is deepest for at-risk dogs. Since coming to Ripon college I have volunteered my time doing administrative and developmental tasks for rescues. I am so thrilled to help grow Saving Sully into a responsible and life-saving rescue.

While Saving Sully will pull all dog breeds, I am particularly excited and passionate for the "breed" people refer to as "pitbulls". The media has twisted certain look of dog, which is not a breed at all, into being associated with aggression and danger. My goal in life, in addition to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, is to educate people on and advocate for "pitbulls".

Secretary Amber

Growing up we always had at least one dog in the family. My passion for dogs started at a very early age. My parents owned a liquor store and behind the register you would always find a jar full of dog treats because you must make every customer happy, especially the furry ones with 4 legs. I grew up with golden retrievers and chow chows, which is why I am very passionate about ending breed stereotyping. Jess became one of my closets friends a few years ago. I went along with her on a rescue transport day for the first time about a year ago now, I did not leave alone from those transports more than once having fostered and adopted both dogs and cats.

I have my Bachelors Degrees in Healthcare Administration and Business Administration while my Graduate work includes Non-Profit Management and Transnational Human Services Leadership. During my junior year of college in 2011 I had my internship at a Homeless Shelter, which turned into a career that you could say found me as I have been in Social Services ever since running a program for 4 years that earned recognition as one of the top 4 in the U.S. and a national spotlight from the White House from a client's success which won. Wisconsin's Community Action Courage Award.

My understanding of team work, a strong donor and volunteer base, simply developing relationships and showing appreciation was put to the test in 2016 as I was given the challenge of opening a Warming Shelter with the deadline of a only few short weeks. We did it and now there is a warm place for people to lay their heads at night. I plan to transfer my knowledge of building strong community programs for people into a passion that I have always had for dogs.

Treasurer Katie

I have been an animal lover my entire life, growing up our family dog was a “mutt” from our local humane society. She was the best dog in the world, she showed our family so much love and affection. Often times these are the kinds of dogs that are so easily disposed of. My heart bleeds for people and animals of all shapes, kinds, and colors. If there is something I can do to help, I’ll be doing it. While I don’t work in animal care, I do care for humans on a daily basis. I work as an RMA in family medicine at a local clinic.

My first dog as an adult was not a mutt, however he was the runt if the litter with a birth defect and no one wanted to pay for him. His legs were not normal, he hopped like a bunny to get around (cutest thing ever!) Thankfully I was able to get him, he is 11 and I feel he’s had an amazing life with me! I looked past his “imperfections” because he was perfect in my eyes.

About a year ago is when I got involved with an animal rescue. I started by adopting a dog who came from a kill shelter. I knew I wanted to do more so I started fostering and volunteering. I foster failed with my second foster which brings me to the third dog I have the honor of calling mine! My dogs (and my cat) are my world, I’m blessed to be surrounded by their constant love every day!