Who we are.

We are a volunteer and foster-based organization, in the greater Oshkosh area, who rehabilitate at-risk dogs that would otherwise be euthanized due to being abandoned, abused, neglected and left behind in overpopulated shelters. We work hard to restore their physical and emotional well being.  We do not have a physical location, instead we rely on gracious fosters to welcome dogs into their homes until they can be placed in their loving and responsible forever homes. At Saving Sully Dog Rescue, we work hard to be advocates for those with no voice, while educating others about the importance of rescuing.

How to Help?

Consider becoming a foster! We are  always in need of fosters to welcome dogs into their homes. The more fosters we have the more dogs we are able to save from euthanasia. Foster at no cost to yourself as we provide everything you could possibly need for your fosters including food, vet costs, crates, etc. As a foster, you will learn and gain insight as to why fosters are such a vital role in the world of rescue. 

The reality of rescue is hard, that many do not understand. At Saving Sully Dog Rescue, we are a 501 (c)(3), nonprofit that relies on donations to ensure the best care possible for our dogs. Oftentimes, the cost of care that we provide is more than our adoption fee alone, because we believe in going the extra mile. We provide comprehensive veterinary services for each and every dog in our care. We also take dogs with preexisting medical needs, which makes the need for donations more urgent. Because of this, we depend on donors to allow us to continue our mission of saving dogs.


We are currently looking for various volunteer positions. If you are interested in volunteering with Saving Sully, please complete the form by           CLICKING HERE.

Due to us being volunteer-based, we are always looking for people who believe in our mission to help with various aspects of rescue, here at Saving Sully. Some ways you can help include fundraising, transportation day involvement, administrative support & more!

Are you a current volunteer? We urge you to share your experience with Saving Sully Dog Rescue on our social media outlets, like Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget to tell a friend about us.