Rosary Sodality


Under the guidance of Father Czujak, the Rosary Sodality had its beginning at St. Henry's on July 27, 1928. It was sanctioned by our Holy Father, the Pope and Archbishop Mathieu of Regina, on November 30, 1928.

Meetings were held in the homes, during the day, for lack of electric lights. The horse and buggy was still the chief mode of travel and that had to be considered. Membership has varied - from 35 to as many as 65 - 70 members.

Primary purposes of St. Henry's Rosary Sodality is to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary and to secure her patronage by frequent recitation of the Rosary; Also for the support of St. Henry's Church.

Their activities presently include:

  • Fund-raising for Parish needs.
  • Serving funeral lunches.
  • Catering Parish socials.
  • Catering anniversaries, for the Deanery, for Melville Association of Christian Churches, Weddings, Teas, Knights of Columbus and C.W.L. suppers.
  • Assisting with bake sales, Special Olympics, Parish Fall Suppers.
  • Assisting with Liturgical Ministries - May & October Devotions, Stations of the Cross and other Pastoral work.